Writer’s Workshop – Going way back

Mama’s Losin’ It

1. Share a diary entry from when you were younger…feel free to make one up!


When we were at my parent’s house last week, the age of the house came up and we got to talking about the year we moved in: 1994.  I got to reminiscing about the first time we walked through before buying it and, well, let’s make that into a journal entry. I guarantee if I were at home right now, I could find the book I wrote in and this would be accurate but I am pretty sure I can recreate it.

We drove over to the new house today. There’s a lot of trees in that neighborhood. Way more than Hollywood. Big ones. And winding roads. I am so used to streets laid out all straight and named after presidents. Our new street is Lonesome Pine but I see no pines. Ok, well, there are a few. So anyway, the house looks kinda Spanish style. It has ugly Mexican tile everywhere but I like the intercom system. My room is fine; has a glass door that leads out to the backyard. As we walked through the empty house, I tuned everything out. I was listening to Pearl Jam (Jeff Ament, sigh :).) On the drive up, I saw these two kids, probably my age, playing guitar on their front porch. I can’t lie; I hoped I look cool enough for them to want to meet me. I was wearing my jeans with the cool flannel patches and my G ‘n’ R shirt so maybe! I don’t really want to make friends here but I know I have to. Or I should. I don’t know. Everything’s funky now anyway. I start school in like a week so I guess I’l meet people in classes. So far everyone dresses differently here. And it seems like so many kids are smokers and surfers. So weird considering here, the beach is like 40 minutes away and at home, it’s five.

Anyway, I have to go walk the dog so I’m out. P.S. Guns and Roses rule!

And I would have signed it “Clar” because that was my nickname. My weird friends and I decided that six letters was way too many for my name. I remember being so out of place in our new town but I grew to like it in just a few years but then I moved away again.

I have kept a diary since I was probably in 5th grade so it would actually be fun to go back through them and pick out certain entries that exemplified parts of my personality that still exist. I may have to do that…

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Going way back

  1. I loved reading this! We moved a lot when I was younger and I remember always wondering about the new kids and how I would fit in with them. I always struggled between the fear and excitement of change! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Guns and Roses? Really? Lol. I can’t say anything about wanting to fit in, considering my parents wouldn’t allow me to wear denim until high school.

  3. I had a diary when I was young too! They would be so fun to pull up, but just like you I have a pretty good idea of exactly what they look like. 🙂 I’m sure you looked plenty cool! 😉

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