Random Tuesday – BTW, it is December


Random it up!

  • Yesterday, as I loaded the kids in the car, I was going through my mental to-do list. For some reason, I said to myself, “You don’t have to pay any bills today because it’s still not the first yet.” WOW! I realized on my way home that it WAS the first and Geico was due. It was not until I woke up with a sore throat around 1 AM that I realized that I didn’t pay daycare. I’m apparently having a rough time breaking into this month!
  • 3/5 of my family has the crud: mucus, coughing, sore throat. We feel fine but this is just plaguing us. Hot coffee has never been better than the first time it hits my throat in the morning.
  • Review Extravaganza is coming up! I like to do it not only because the awesome hosts give away gifts but because I really do like to look back over my year and see what we did.It’s really nice to do this time of year.
  • Our host of Random Tuesday, Stacy, was curious about my sister’s pumpkin whip so I started looking for recipes that sounded similar and it turns out, the Kraft one is the most alike. The one thing she did differently was serve it with these ginger snaps, which are less gingery than normal ones. I think most ginger snaps are too thick/ overpowering but these are not!
  • Isaac is going to be a shepherd in the upcoming Christmas play at daycare. They haven’t done one in  a few years so I was surprised to hear this last night at bedtime. My first question to him was,”Do I have to make your costume?” Turns out, they would like us to fabricate something. So now I am on the look-out for brown pillow cases. I am not that crafty but if pressed, I can come up with something.
  • Recently, they tore down a lot that was covered in pine trees. It had been there for a very long time and from what I had been told, was protected by the owner. Well, story goes that the owner died and his children were put in charge… and sold it for a pretty penny. I guess the father knew they were going to do this so it makes the story a little less sad. I sometimes miss the turn at Park Avenue now because I don’t recognize it without the trees. But for the most part, I find myself counting down the days until they begin developing the stores that are going in there. This time of year, all I want are hot drinks and they’re putting a… Starbucks. Sure, I’m a sell-out and all that but the closest one was in Target. This is way more convenient.
  • I *think* I am just about done shopping for Ash and almost done with my parents. And to be honest, kind of done with the kids. It’s going to be a bit thinner Christmas this year. Not because we cannot afford toys for them but because they a.) have a lot already and b.) wanted some things that were more expensive. It’ll be a good lesson for them about quality over quantity.
  • With that, I’m outta here. I want to get a lot done today and try to leave early. Do you find there’s no time to go to the store? I don’t know why but I just cannot find a weekday time that works for me.



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