Friday Five – Fear itself, Joke or no?, Homecoming

Five Thoughts:

  1. Isaac is going through a particularly annoying phase (you know four to five years old) but the most exasperating trend is the fact that he’s waking up multiple times a night, barging into our room, and saying he’s scared. What of, I don’t know. It’s pretty darn bright in his room with this LED nightlight and he has never really been afraid of much before. On top of that, he’s refusing to do as he is told and is being a little snot to his brother. I let some of it slide, because I remember Elliot going through that phase, but the sleeping thing hurts because he used to be such an excellent sleeper. In fact, all three of my kids, for the most part, sleep all night long. I count myself lucky in this department because I know so many parents who report otherwise from their children.
  2. Last Friday, I got a comment on my post that might have been typed in jest but I cannot be sure. The anonymous commenter, “Concerned Mom”, was freaking out about my family being in Texas… where there’s Ebola. Again, if it had not been anonymous, I would think it was someone I know who reads my blog. Was it a joke or is someone actually scared about this? Hmmm…
  3. When I took Todd to the vet last week, we passed a little old Boston in the waiting room. The dog actually looked familiar to me but I wasn’t sure. But when this woman started eyeing me, we finally recognized each other. Long ago and far away, when I used to participate in a forum called, I met up with a local family who had five Boston terriers. We had multiple meet ups with other Boston owners so there were a lot of little doggies all running around together. This was before kids and as I was pregnant with my first. It was really nice to talk to her and find out how her dogs were doing and all that. Funny how you can live in a semi-small place like this and see the same people all the time but then others, hardly ever.
  4. I forgot today is Homecoming so I won’t be able to run out around lunch to give Todd his meds. They block off the area near my parking lot so I will have to wait until the parade is over. This makes me quite nervous but he should be alright.
  5. I have some students coming in to get extra help on their papers today and let me tell you, I have no interest in talking to them again. We went over this stuff ad nauseum and I gave them the tools to move forward and yet, here they are. So many college kids think that their professors simply have the answers and are unwilling to hand them over for a good grade. It isn’t like that! It’s on them to actually use their brains!


Five Photos:


I wrote this the other night and I see now how discombobulated I was. Either way, I thought it was weird. Next two photos are for reference:


Rikki Rockett


Nikki Sixx



Here’s Isaac playing with the model trains last week


How true is this?!


6 thoughts on “Friday Five – Fear itself, Joke or no?, Homecoming

  1. Hello, first time visiting. I read, giggled, smiled and totally understand the freaky dream. I had a similar one when I fell asleep with the dyson vs. shark commercial going on the television.

  2. Oh there were definitely people in my college classes that always seemed to be looking for the answer handed it over to them, drove me crazy as a student, I can’t even imagine how annoying it would be as the teacher. Just do your work people! Hopefully the commenter was just joking around, otherwise some people are just way too paranoid.
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I was not joking. Mom’s know how dangerous the world is for our kids!

    I hope you kept your kids quarantined!!! I certainly wouldn’t let my kids around yours any time soon. I certainly hope you don’t get anyone sick! Next time, I hope you use better judgement and think of the community before putting everyone else in harms way!

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