Let me off this ride!

I don’t even think I realized just how go go go we’d been until, well, this morning. I told you how I’d gotten very good at using my phone’s calendar feature. That really helped me to keep my head above water but then today, as I was coming into work, I was more aware than usual so I started making a to-do list. Holy crap, folks. This thing ended up being about ten items deep and some of them are sort of involved. I crossed one off: registering the boys for soccer. I was reluctant to go from flag to soccer with only about, oh, 3 weeks in between but they had asked and Isaac actually showed much more interest in that sport over others. So that is marked off; yay.

I still have to place an ad in the paper and on Craigslist for our upcoming yard sale. I am actually REALLY looking forward to doing that. We will get rid of this disassembled TV stand and the five entire boxes of kids’ toys and clothing. I also plan to go through the kitchen. It’s amazing how much stuff I accumulated in that room alone that I don’t really ever use. Anything left is being donated. We are also trying to sell our bed frame on a local site where we’d probably get more money than the garage sale. It’s a good bed: a solid walnut frame and it’s a big canopy style thing. We just want a king size and not such a huge hunk of wood in the middle of our bedroom. I’m actually more of a minimalist when it comes to furniture. When we get rid of the frame and the old mattress, we will also probably get new carpet. Our bedroom is the last to get new carpet; each of the other three were replaced each time we had a baby. It makes a huge difference! I cannot wait until our bedroom is clean and nice and new again.

The other thing that’s been dragging me through the mud is Todd. He was going every couple of weeks to see the dog eye doc but then his eye started to look worse so we went after one week and we’re slated to go back in another week. The problem is that he got a slight cut on the bad eye and it turned into an ulcer. Now the thing is growing bacteria and if it gets really bad, the retina could become perforated. I am hoping this new regimen of drugs will help but to be honest, if it doesn’t and they need to take the eye out, that would certainly be a relief. Dogs can do just fine on one eye; it’s their third most important sense anyway. I’d just like to put this all behind me.

Let me tell you what else snuck up on me this week: Teacher Appreciation at the daycare. Unfortunately, we got an email about it Monday… for Friday. That is not enough time! Especially seeing as how my week was broken up into Before Family Came Home and After. Wednesday was like Monday to me because they were back and it felt normal again. So now it is Thursday and as it is, I have to run to the grocery store on my lunch break and I have zero idea what I will do for those teachers. I used to get little baskets and put color themed items in there based on the suggestions the director gave us about what they like. Well, probably not this year. I am thinking a heart-felt card and a ten dollar Target gift card is all they’re getting. With three kids, an ailing dog, and an overwhelming amount of work, I just cannot hold myself to the old standard.

I may just be going with little mason jars of candy and whatnot along with a colored ribbon and card.

So, now that I have spoken with an editing client and crossed a few other minor things off the list, I have to run to the store on my lunch break then go home and tend to the old dog. It’s always something and if I didn’t know any better, I’d tell you that secretly, I love how busy we are.

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