Friday Five – How does anyone manage it all?

Five Thoughts:


  1. Seriously, how does you keep everything straight? My parents got into town yesterday afternoon and I have been struggling this morning. I got everyone ready and off to school but now that I am at work, I am finding it difficult to get everything done. Sure, you could say, “stop blogging and do your work”, but I look at this as part of what needs to be accomplished. What really stresses me out is looking at the day ahead: teach, grade papers, go home, meet Ash for lunch/movie, go home and be with parents/kids for a few hours then go back out for charity bowling event. It just feels like a very long day ahead.
  2. Elliot gets his report card today, as well as he finds out who his reading buddy is. This is the first year where he gets to be the older buddy instead of being read to. He’s way excited about it because he is an excellent reader and he likes to teach. Awww, like his mama.
  3. There have been some daytime break-ins in my neighborhood lately. Apparently they bring a truck and load up. If my old neighbors were still around, we’d have some kind of plan. The word is that they only targeted homes with no cars in the driveway so I know we could have finagled that. It’s disconcerting for sure; I don’t think we live in a “bad” area but thieves will look anywhere, won’t they? I really miss my nieghbours, that’s for sure. I feel very disconnected from the neighborhood now, especially knowing that there ARE other young families out there. What we need to do is have another block party. We did one years ago and it was nice to get to know people. Overall, I think people are just so distrusting these days that they don’t even want to know their neighbors.
  4. I am excited that Ash and I get to go to lunch today and then a movie. Though I am finally recovering  -but not just yet – from this illness, I can’t taste a thing. Blah!
  5. The weather is cool again and I feel so renewed in it. Sure, the afternoons are warm but mornings feel so crisp and clean; I feel alive.


Five Photos:

Because Ash and I had an anniversary this week, let’s do some throwback pics, eh?



Labor Day ’06 with my parents and grandparents


Christmas ’07 with Ash’s dad, brother and his then gf


Celebrating our two year anniversary in the B&B where we had our reception


Father’s Day 2011


Last Halloween



One thought on “Friday Five – How does anyone manage it all?

  1. That is awful about the break-ins. There have been some in my area too, guys will come to the door and knock and then pretend like they are asking for someone if you answer. If you don’t answer, then they assume/know no one is home and then break in. So horrible.
    For me I have to write everything down, I also break big projects into little steps and give myself deadlines for the steps. I have a To-Do app on my phone that I love, and I love the MOM organizational system from the Power of Moms, totally helped me get more organized.

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