Random Tuesday – Of football, plans for me, a reprieve


  • This week is significantly less busy than last week, though I do have some papers to grade. I am in dire need of some kind of break. But, I do feel better than I have; more uplifted and positive.
  • Both boys had flag games yesterday and it was insanely rushed just getting ready and driving there. Both their teams won and they made plays! Isaac crowded a kid so he had to reverse and a teammate got the pull. Meanwhile, Elliot made a spectacular flag pull, stopping a touchdown, from this very fast girl. We’ve seen her in seasons past and she is something. She’s quick and she can juke and it was awesome that Elliot was out there, being that aggressive. I am so proud!
  • My plan for the day: finish up this work I’ve been putting off that involves numbers. You know, I’m not the best with those things. Then I will shore up the Spring schedule and grade a few papers. And then? If the stars align juuust right, I am taking a half day for ME. You know what I might do? I might drive out to Bradley’s country store and get a sausage and a root beer. And I’ll enjoy the countryside for a bit. Then I want to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a few storage items. Then I might stop into Party City and update my Halloween decorations. Then I’m going to sweep my house and put out tea lights in all my Halloween/Fall candle holders.
  • I can’t tell you how excited I feel just thinking about doing something for myself. If I can’t take a vacation, then this is as close as I’m going to come to some kind of reprieve.
  • This is super short, I know, but I have got to work so I can play.

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