Full weekend + MMMM

OK, I have roughly 23 minutes to bang out this post. My students are meeting in the library today to talk about research and I want to get there slightly early to grab a coffee. Anywho, our weekend was pretty dern good, I’d say. Ash and Ell went to lunch and a movie Friday since he was off school (some kind of Fall break?) then they picked me up around 3. I got a brief nap in, got the other kids, then took Elliot to a birthday party. It was pretty fun; had it at this coffee shop on the other side of town. They say they are pretty slow on Fridays so they host parties. Elliot had a good time, I know. I spent most of the time chatting with one of the other boy’s mothers, who is friends with Elliot’s best friend’s parents. So that was pretty cool.

Woke up bright and early Saturday and got Isaac to team pictures by 7:45. His game was at 8:30 and after, we went home, then back again at 10:30 for Ell’s pictures and 11:30 game. Sheesh. We went home for all of 45 minutes before Ash took Isaac back out to another birthday party but Ell and the baby and I got to rest.  I made dinner in the evening and we walked the dogs and cut the boy’s hair. I was pretty darn exhausted by the time 9 o’clock rolled around, I can tell you that. It was a looong day.

Sunday was cool in the AM – about 45 – and I really appreciate how clean the air feels. I got some house chores done and by 10, we were at Costco. Another busy day but not as bad, I made lunch, and did laundry, and napped briefly. Ell and I went to Petsmart and Publix in the afternoon and then the boys played outside while Ash mowed the lawn and I put BG to bed. All in all, a great weekend. Busy but nothing crazy or bad happened so you know, I cannot complain one bit!



OK so songs that get stuck in your head.

The first one is a song my kids have sung at this church daycare they go to. We’re not super religious but it’s a good foundation for them. But anyway, this one is always stuck in our heads!

I picked this one because my kids tend to sing this over and over if they hear it.


6 thoughts on “Full weekend + MMMM

  1. I do like the Katy Perry song, but since we are mostly country music listeners, I don’t hear it that often.

  2. Katy Perry’s Roar is contagious. It plays repeatedly in my head after I hear it. We had a cool start yesterday morning, too. It was in the upper 30 on Sunday morning, but warmed up quickly. We didn’t get above the mid-60s, which was okay by me. I love fall temps! Thanks for making time to hit the dance floor with the 4M crew. Have a tunetastic week!

  3. The second song doesn’t exist for me either, but that first song too cute. It’s a first time hearing it for me. It’s kind of like that other song about He’s got the whole world in his hands…. etc. That one always gets stuck in my head. hehehe

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