Friday Five – Making decisions and getting moody

Five Thoughts:

Five Thoughts:

  1. I have a better outlook on today. I was devastated about the Todd decision yesterday, mostly because he doesn’t seem like he’s in that much pain so putting him down is not the right call at this point. The problem comes in when you think about spending a lot of money to essentially decide when your dog dies. Again, no more pets after these go. It’s not a position I want to be in, with something else’s life. BUT, Ash and I decided that we’ll go the opthamologist route and see how that goes. I can afford it, for now. I was feeling so down about this but he and I talked a long time last night (late into the night, like 1:30) and I feel better. Sometimes we do that: just talk about things we’re dealing with or other random stuff. When you have kids, those conversations can’t happen all the time. But it’s nice when we do have them.
  2. I just called to make an appointment with the doggie eye doc and she made me feel a lot better in that she said he’d lose vision in the eye before anything else dire happened. I can live with that.
  3. I have been trying a variety of remedies for my upset stomach (which has been going on for about two weeks) and now I am worried I am overlapping too much: Kefir, peppermint essential oil, apple cider vinegar. To be honest, I think I stressed myself out SO much about possibly behind pregnant that I upset the natural order of things in my body, and it is still trying to recover.
  4. I am sad that I have not yet begun to feel the Fall/October spirit. It’s my favorite month and I haven’t even put out decorations. They’re in the garage so my usual excuse is that the car’s in there. But it hasn’t been in there for over a week! Maybe tonight I can muster the energy and find time to get them out. Once the house is decorated, I’ll probably feel it more.
  5. I need to NOT look at food pins on Pinterest today. I am going super bland as to help my belly and this banana and apple sauce pale in comparison to some of the amazing foods I see on there. Sadness!

Five Photos: (Because I haven’t taken many pics lately, I am going to show you five pictures of foods that look better than this banana.










One thought on “Friday Five – Making decisions and getting moody

  1. Oh girl, so sorry. Hope you start feeling better soon. I had major stomach problems for several weeks and ugh I was so sick of the bland diet, it was awful by the end. So sorry about your dog, never fun. My husband and I often end up staying up way too late talking too. I hope this week is a better week for you. Thanks for linking up

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