Random Tuesday


  • I spent a bit of time Monday looking up the differences between America and Australia. We showed the kids Crocodile Dundee on Friday and I told them that I’m sure the country is not entirely like that. But then I realized that I had forgotten nearly all of what Bill Bryson wrote in his book, In a Sunburned Country. THEN, Sunday night, on House Hunters International, they followed a British family looking to relocate to Australia and I found myself wondering just how similar it is to England. So, I stumbled upon this website and I am happy to say I am a lot more educated now. Aside from little to no seasonal changes there, I think I’d like it.
  • I like how Sunday was National Drink a Beer day and Monday was National Coffee day. I also think it is silly that there are so many designated days for things that don’t really matter. I agree that it’s kind of fun but also, useless. Things like that, I’m torn on. Frivolous but fun. Hmm….
  • At one point on Sunday, without really realizing it was beer day, I had a travel mug still half full of coffee when I decided I’d open a beer. Didn’t even really think about it but I was combining those two days.
  • My back is still kicking my ass; still just sore all over, but I have got to get back to working out. I hate figuring out when it is time to just say screw it and get back to exercising.
  • A few years ago, I dabbled in some Fanfiction writing (no, I will not tell you where to find it; suffice to say it is damn good 😉 ) but so I got a new review on a story. While I was on the site, I decided to look and see what people had been writing lately and got sucked into a story (Bones, if you’d like to know) and it was really good! And then I got to the end and it was a TBC…. to be continued. NOW I understand how my reviewers who beg me to finish feel. Now I feel like I should try and finish up. I mean, truth be told, I have a couple characters who have been perpetually stuck in a rather vulnerable and probably uncomfortable position in the bedroom for a long time. Poor things…
  • I just finished my breakfast and I am still hungry. This is problematic, no?
  • I have to walk across campus so here’s a picture of smoking hot Mario Blanco. You’re welcome.bd25ae3c66022bee4ef9b2fa33a8652f

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

  1. And thank you!
    I celebrated National Beer day without even knowing it. But didn’t do Coffee day, as coffee and I don’t really get along…

  2. I used to get excited when I’d here of a “National” day that appealed to me, and then I’d make sure to enjoy it – National Cheeseburger Day! National Ice Cream Day! National Eat Chocolate Day! Then I realized I was just using them as excuses to treat myself! haha!

    I did participate in National Coffee Day – although, I do that every day. 😉

    Man, just reading about you writing Fanfiction has me itching to write something other than a blog post again… it’s been so long since I’ve done that!

    Hope your back feels better soon!

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