Caught up and loving it?

To be completely honest, it’s weird not having much to do. Normally, these days, I have a plethora of things to work on – something is always lagging behind and only a deadline will get me to complete stuff. But this week I have: made 66 file folders, which means I printed labels and put them on tabs to put on folders. Then I put 66 information sheets in said 66 files and I organized them in the filing cabinets. Then, I input 35 new copy codes and names into the copy machine. I rearranged all the grad student mailboxes too – which is not an easy task. I have to alphabetize them so it involves moving around metal shelves and making sure they are all in order and can all fit. Also, those things are kind of dirty so my hands are super gross when I’m done. That job takes a solid four hours to complete.

I also graded my student’s papers – in both classes – and started working on a new course. I cleaned my office; took books from boxes and put them on shelves. Filed away forms, threw away stuff that had accumulated; recycled a bunch of old papers.

The Fall schedule of classes is good to go and numbers look good (all almost entirely enrolled). I’m paid up on bills, I’m up to date on making any appointments, and that’s pretty much all I can do right now.

Because I am so caught up, I treated myself to lunch today and went to Midtown Caboose, which I had been told was amazing. Their menu includes such burgers as the “Mac daddy” which is topped “with mac-n-cheese, bacon, and a handful of fried pickles, then smother it in your choice of bbq sauce. Served on a toasted onion roll.” Or the Sushi Chef which is a “burger with rare ahi tuna on top. Together they’re out of this world. Built on a toasted ciabatta roll and covered with wasabi aioli, eel sauce, sprouts, and grilled asparagus.” I wasn’t that adventurous though so I got the Runaway Train, a “burger patty on a toasted onion roll with maple mayo, sharp cheddar cheese, caramelized granny smith apples, red onions, and salty smoked bacon.” I opted out of the onion but it was still out of this world. I also got tots and a root beer and it was heavenly. I met my friend Rachel and we really enjoyed that food that will now spend weeks on my hips until me and Shaun T work it off. Admittedly, I only ate half but I am slowly working on the other half now.

The bad thing about eating like that? Needing a post-lunch nap. The even worse thing? Having to get coffee mid-afternoon to stave off said nap. With that, I’m off to motivate myself into doing something else productive!

2 thoughts on “Caught up and loving it?

  1. I love the Runaway Train. The Chick Flick is also pretty tasty. Tim got the S’More Than Words once. And only once.

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