Random Tuesday – Weird occurrences, strange phrases, and looking forward


Well, it’s my downtime at work so I am going to write this up then actually catch up




  • Isaac has always said funny little things but some of his weirder quips as of late: “This chair smells like the pumpkin patch”, in regards to our desk chair. What does that even mean?? The other one is based on the sound from a video game we play. There’s a character called Abusive Sargent and when he comes into play, he says “Get in there and fight, maggot!” but Isaac thinks he says, “Get in there and fight, Baggins!”, because he’s really into Lord of the Rings. LOL.
  • I had an odd work/Facebook crisis yesterday. There’s a well-known professor who brings her dog to work. She claims this thing has separation anxiety so she brings it to her office but when she leaves to teach, the dog makes all kinds of racket, bothering the TAs who are studying, conferencing, etc. Anyway, it’s caused a lot of dissension in the department. Yesterday, said dog came rooting into my office, knocked over a stack of books, knocked over my trashcan trying to find food, hacked up some particles, then scampered off. I posted this exact thing on Facebook and then, about four hours later, said professor sent me a friend request. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if someone ratted on me. If so, hmm…
  • I deleted the post then accepted her request. I have nothing against her dog, to be honest, but I don’t think animals belong in the building. By university rules, kids aren’t even allowed to come to work. I don’t think anyone is allergic to children…
  • This whole thing made me realize that I need to watch what I post there though. I deleted a post on Friday because I got into it with some people. I essentially said that no one should be paying with a check anymore (at the grocery store)  and they got all over me because some people may only have checks. To them I say, well they shouldn’t. And in this guy’s case, he was doing it to be a dick anyway. But I am definitely going to rethink what I post from now on.
  • I’m waiting to hear if I have something good coming to me at the end of this month and it is driving me nuts. I just need to relax and take things one day at a time.7c3403a0e34456d3a1e2aab2aec0a528
  • That’s it for today – I have to go rearrange grad student mailboxes. One of my favorite and most hated activities. I like organizing but I also sort of hate the actual process. Oh well! Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Weird occurrences, strange phrases, and looking forward

  1. I’m allergic to children, I break out in squees. 🙂

    I have different lists on Facebook and anyone who gets snippy on things I post goes on the list that only gets to see things that are strictly professional (like “Hey, I got a poem published at X place.” It has made my life a lot easier and my Facebook time more pleasant to banish the trolls.

  2. Who uses cheques nowadays, I don’t know anyone who uses them damn pay with cash or a card…………….just saying………….
    Dogs do not belong in the workplace any more than children do also…….. just saying

  3. I love kid-speak! They always come up with the most entertaining sayings and observations. 🙂

    I’m right there with you – dogs shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace. Well, ‘stop by the office and leave’ kinda thing, sure. But all day? And running loose? No. Just No.

    I have a checkbook – and I think I’ve written all of maybe 4 checks out of it – but not at the store, for school stuff where I don’t trust cash to be carried in a backpack. 😉

    Oooh, something good coming for you? Can’t wait to read what it is! *fingers crossed* it happens, whatever it is. 🙂

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