Random Tuesday –



  • Is this the week/month of unexpected expenses? Why Summer? It’s already seemingly more expensive and with school starting again soon? I’m being bled dry!
  • That said, I am totally joining a money fantasy football league this year. Why not? What if I win?
  • People on twitter are firing up the zone about the trailer for 50 Shades. Let’s just get this out of the way. The book is a gigantic piece of trash. I mean, the fact that she’s made money writing that makes me sad. Not because of the content but because of a.) how poorly it is written and b.) The Christian character is BAD at being a dom. OMG, he could be the worst in all of BDSM history! Also, she’s the worst kind of heroine: no experience, kind of lame, jumps right into whatever. Not believable. SO, I don’t want to see it, I don’t care. And when the name Dakota becomes popular again because of that actress, you all better remember my daughter’s name now. Just sayin’.
  • I have to mail some books today which means I have to go upstairs, which I pretty much don’t want to do. Sigh. Life is tough, you know?
  • I went to a going away thingie last night at a place called Sidecar and it was pretty awesome. Their food was tasty – the grilled cheese to die for – and I had a nice time talking to folks. Stayed an hour longer than anticipated but hey, it happens. Drove home in the rain and promptly fell asleep on the couch.
  • My coffee is really good today.
  • I saw today that the mother of a guy in our department died and he was left to pay her final expenses. When he first came in, he was, well, not so nice to use here in FYC but he has been kind to me ever since. Someone started a fundraiser for him and I did donate. Good deed for day done.
  • I feel like I keep getting sidetracked so I am going to be on my way. Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday –

  1. I’m so over the 50 Shades thing. I have never read it, but since it started at Twilight fan fic, it had nothing to recommend it for me to begin with.

  2. I’ve never gotten into the 50 Shades thing – so any time I see or hear someone mentioning the books or the movie, I shift into hearing only static noise. 😉

    Crazy that school’s coming right up – they had the BTS supplies out in time for the 4th of July – not mentally prepared to get the supplies (or spend that kind of money smack dab in the middle of the summer).

    Too bad about that co-worker’s mom…good job on the good deed of the day! 🙂

  3. I never read the 50 shades books couldn’t be bothered, although my daughter tried to read it she gave up after only a couple of chapters she thought it was a boring lot of twaddle

  4. Could not agree more about 50 Shades. The books are just plain terrible. I can’t stand the characters. I of course had to google the trailer and the casting is pretty awful. At least they could have made the characters sexy to look at!

  5. I completely agree that 50 Shades is VERY poorly written. I still read them all, because… well you know. 🙂 But I have no interest in seeing the moving. The books had absolutely no plot, and I don’t care to watch porn, so there’s no point!

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