Writer’s Workshop – Favorite June Photo




This week, I chose my favorite photo from June and explain it.


We’d already exhausted all of our hotel options at that point: the pool was out due to rain, we’d been in the arcade a bunch of times, and eating was too expensive. Ash was busy with his conference so we were left to fend for ourselves. I’m not made of money so we opted for walking around Downtown Disney again, with no intention of actually shopping. Luckily, my sister and her boyfriend happened to be off the Wednesday we were in O-Town so they joined us. The walk from our hotel to DD was only about a half block but the sun in Central Florida can be brutal and by noon when we got there, we were hot and sweaty. We moseyed about some of the shops we’d avoided on our trip there the day before, looking at Christmas ornaments, other Disney shlock. The boys rode the little train and spent a good hour excavating in the T-Rex store. We walked nearly the entire  length of the attraction then decided to stop for food.

We ate some deep fried stuff and then got caught in a thunderstorm, huddling under our little umbrella on the patio then diving between stores to make it back to the hotel. By the time we did get back, the rain had stopped and the sun was out, so the pavement was steaming and the air was so thick it was like walking through soup. Finally, we emerged into the hotel’s freezing cold air and wove our way to our room. It was a rather large affair and took a while to get back, since they had escalators in the conference entrance and we had a stroller, so we had to seek out the elevators. Once back in our room, my sister played with the baby for a bit and Justin entertained the boys with jokes and juggling. Finally, they had to leave in order to avoid I-4 traffic on their way back to Sanford. My boys argued about resting once it was quiet and Baby Girl was napping so instead of fighting them, I turned on some cartoons and tended to some work I had. Turning around to ask them something, I found that they’d both straight up passed out. It was kind of charming to see them so peaceful, both with their doggies they can’t seem to give up. They had been kind of annoying during downtimes on this vacation but watching their chests slowly rise and fall with each breath as they recouped their energy was a moment I cherished.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Favorite June Photo

  1. They always look so innocent when they sleep. Almost makes up for the shenanigans they get up to when they are awake.

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