Random Tuesday – Off my game



  • Yesterday I had to backtrack because I managed to forget my wallet. It wouldn’t have been a big deal – I somehow had my credit card in my bag – but my wallet contains my checkbook and camp fees are due on Mondays. Today, I had it at the forefront of my mind to grab Isaac’s scooter for bike day and I still somehow forgot it. I was three minutes late yesterday; thirteen today. This is totally unlike me. I am normally either on time or early!
  • I was kind of proud of myself last night. I started to drift off on the couch around 8 but when we rounded up the boys and got them in bed, I got up and did dishes, folded clothes, then stayed awake through an entire movie! We watched Delivery Man, which was actually pretty good. I’m a sucker for any movie about parents and children, I think.
  • I keep thinking today is Wednesday.
  • I already need more coffee.
  • I know this is short and I might wrote a long rambly thought-like post later but this first week is just busy!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Off my game

  1. Happens to me too often – remind myself over and over about something, and then forget it when the time comes. Such a pain, and I hate being late too…
    I’ve been wanting to see Delivery Man! I have a feeling I’ll like it… I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies as well!

  2. Two weeks ago I went shopping and left my handbag at home with my wallet in it thankfully I have an extra cash card in my phone wallet so I was still able to do the shopping the following week I forgot the bag I carry that has my medication and teeth and other stuff in it let’s hope this Friday I don’t forget anything at all

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