Friday Confessional – let’s get to the weekend already


I confess… I’m normally a little irritated when wayward students come to my office looking for a room – well, annoyed when they give me attitude about it. I helped some transfers find the bottom floor this morning and was surprised by how willing to help them I was. I must be in a good mood!

I confess… some days I don’t know how I’m going to feel. The test is the first person I have to speak to once I get to work.

I confess… More and more I realize that I work best under pressure/a deadline. Take Fridays, for instance. I know I have a limited amount of time to catch up on the stuff I didn’t quite complete the rest of the week. This makes me extra productive on the last day of the week, which then ends me on a high note for the weekend.

I confess… I am not looking forward to moving onto the Gamma portion of T25 next week. It looks hard as hell and I have to admit, I didn’t make as much progress in Beta as I did in Alpha. Some of the harder Alpha moves I had down pat by the end of five weeks but in Beta, I still struggle with a couple ab things. For example, there’s a portion of dynamic core where you do this sitting bicycle move then transition to a v-hold (think pilates) and it is SO hard, especially since it’s nearly 20 minutes into the workout so you’re body is already screaming to let it rest. It won’t all be as easy as the warm-up moves!472992858_640



I confess… I’m going home at noon and my plan? Sweep and dust and clean up. I might even take a nap. A novel idea…

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