When the wildlife betrays me*

*Jimmy Buffett

You can pretty much count on all references to be of that nature. JB playlists ad nauseum. I have no interest in listening to other things right now. We all go through phases; you understand.

Here’s a mosaic of my mind today:

It’s hot again in Florida, which is normal for about 8-9 months out of the year. I still contend that I’d rather be warm/hot than cold so I’m not *actually* complaining about this. I love the sun. I don’t necessarily like sweating in my own home when I am cleaning, but I’m also not bumping the A/C down any more. For now, this early summer is suiting me just fine.

I was perusing the rest of Elliot’s baseball schedule and you know what? We have to play that little team of no-good punk kids for the final game. This bothers me – a lot. I wish we could end our season on a high note but, well, probably not.

An acquaintance of mine recently posted that she and her husband got divorced. I didn’t know a whole lot about her personal life but when I first met her, she’d recently gotten a boob job. She was one of those people who was very proud of it and she even mentioned it was something both she and her husband wanted. I guess I just find this all sort of interesting. Sometimes that superficial stuff can’t fix what lies underneath.

I scored a 117 point word in Word with Friends against my dad.

It’s been bothering me for a little while now but I have to confess this: I didn’t really like Frozen. I think I am being nit-picky but here’s a brief list of its problems: unexplained powers, horrible examples of men, songs that don’t send good messages but do get stuck in your head, no clear resolution, what IS the message it’s sending? I don’t know!! Ok, there. I feel better. I just expect more from Pixar but that was pretty sub-par.

We saw one of these cars on the road the other day:2012-Fisker-Karma-6

It’s a Fisker Karma 6. The company was not in business very long so it’s kind of surprising to see one here in Tally. Though, I have also seen a Delorean and a Tesla, so you never know!

Did I tell you about how I was searching for the call of the mourning dove last week? (Scroll down) I’d heard one in the trees outside my office as I walked in. It reminded me of being at my grandparents’ house in South Florida; something about its calming call plus the breeze ruffling palm fronds and the distant shh shhhh of the ocean… echoes of my childhood.

What is more odd is that one of my friends on Facebook just posted how HE was also searching for this sound. And one of our other friends said she’d googled it just last week. Mourning doves ftw.

I have leftovers for lunch and zero interest in eating them. I am very tempted to go out and pick up something. I am going to wait until noon and see how badly I want to eat something else.

5 thoughts on “When the wildlife betrays me*

  1. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to Frozen, but the fact that she was never taught control, just avoidance of her powers bothered me. I did like that they presented true love as not just romantic love at the end.

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