Random Tuesday – Another day in Paradise



  • I’ve been trying desperately to start on this post but keep getting interrupted. Ok, here we go.
  • My office is such a mess! My goal is to get this place cleaned up by week’s end. After today, most people will be gone for a little bit so I will actually have time to do this.
  • And then? We’re headed to the beach!
  • Ok, getting ahead of myself. First, Ell has baseball both Wednesday and Friday and the NFL draft is Thursday. May is always crazy for us, to be honest. On the 15th, we have the 1st grade picnic after school, then on the 22nd, Isaac’s end of year program and pool party.
  • Do you ever want to just up and run away somewhere? I kind of feel like that today. But, I am trying to take each hour at a time; do little things, get stuff done.
  • It’s funny how we can’t wait to get through some things and onto the next, but sometimes I want to hold onto time so it doesn’t pass.
  • But I feel so restless. Outside my office it is all clear blue skies and green green trees. The air is warm and it beckons to me.
  • It has become evident to me that I must live closer to the beach, the coast, the shore – somewhere. I don’t know how I will make this happen, but some day.
  • Sorry this is short but I am just slammed at work… until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Another day in Paradise

  1. I often feel like running away and hiding from all the stuff I have to do in a day, but I know that when I return the stuff will still be there to be done by me because no one else will do it so what is the point in running away to begin with

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