Struggling to finish a post

A crazy start to my morning: I couldn’t remember if Dakota’s doc appointment was at 9 or in the afternoon so I had to go into the office first and check – where I had written it down. Turns out it was 9 so I ate my breakfast and did a few things before going back out. She still weighs a tad bit under 15 pounds but since she eats food and she’s growing, they weren’t too concerned. Got back to the office but I’m not really feeling motivated. I have papers to grade though so I have to get myself into that mode.

We had a pretty good weekend. Ash went out Friday but got home early enough to pick me up some food, which was nice. On Saturday, I had errands to run but we went out to lunch. In the afternoon, Isaac had a birthday party so I took him. It was… interesting. Fun for him but sitting at a table of other mothers wasn’t that great for me. Not because I’m not social, but because – with the exception of one mom – they all follow completely different parenting practices and were amazed by mine. All their kids are around four and 3/5 of them were apparently OK with kids still sleeping in the bed. I mean, they bitched and moaned about how “they tried to tell them no, but couldn’t.” Cut the cord, guys. If you ever want to live your own life, let them go. I had a bit of fun talking to them but all in all, it was kind of annoying. Also, their kids are all their first so I was the only one who’d been through all this before. It was all I could do not to sound overly confident or cocky even.

I got a lot of cleaning done on Sunday and we watched Big Trouble in little China, which is a classic! The kids found it entertaining. I was sad to see the weekend go: it rained from Tuesday until late Friday so seeing sun for two days was magical. It’s equally beautiful today and once these papers are graded, I see myself clocking out early. I find it difficult to stick around inside (especially when FSU turns the steam off, meaning they cannot properly regulate temperature; it’s 68 in here!) I’d love to go home and tan right now. Oh, I know it’s not good for me but I have come to realize that I am truly a sun worshipper. I feel happy when I get sun. After lunch Saturday, I laid out on my lawn chair while the boys washed Ash’s car. It was glorious!

So that’s what is up with me this week. I need to get into summer mode, when less people are around and I tend to slip into laziness. I  have to find a way to self-motivate and work on self-imposed deadlines. Any ideas?

One thought on “Struggling to finish a post

  1. With your first you are more likely to be ok with them sleeping with you, I slept with my mum till I was between 6 & 7 but I was an only child till then and my dad worked away a lot so often it was just me and mum. All my girls would climb into bed with me and Tim for a couple of hours early in the morning but we didn’t have them sleeping with us because we had 3 all close together and it would have been crowded in the bed if they all slept with us………

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