Random Tuesday – Rain, rain

It’s a horribly rainy day but let’s get random!



  • I went ahead and canceled lass this morning; it’s not until 9:30 but I had three student emails about this storm and at some point, it’s not worth fighting.
  • Today is Isaac’s birthday! I’m in denial that he is four. Before BG came along, he was my little baby and I was positive that he’d always be my baby. But he’s a boy now and I have to let him grow up. Despite being a terrible infant (crying all the damn time) he’s actually been a lot easier to handle than Elliot. He is super sweet and squishy and thinks he’s Legolas and he loves to build things and work on outdoor projects. He’s the polar opposite of his big brother and I love him to pieces.12707484725_fd8311a4df_b
  • I have this sinking feeling like I have pissed some people off but I cannot fathom what I did. You’d think by the age of 35 I would have learned to forget that petty stuff but it still picks away at me.
  • I guess I have had a few open mouth/insert foot moments. My brain is fried, people. I cannot think logically anymore.
  • My back is still giving me fits; it has to be the sciatic nerve but I just cannot figure out what will make it better.
  • I’ve been kind of curmudgeonly lately and I think I am unbalanced. I need to find a way to bring balance to my life. The jobs and that stress is unhinging my ability to parent and enjoy life.
  • But I’ve been whiny long enough; happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Rain, rain

  1. I haven’t been able to teach myself to let go of the petty stuff either. I’ll get that feeling – something eating away at me, telling me people are mad at me for some reason. And I’m usually right, it just sometimes takes a while for it to come out. Then I stress. Allll too familiar with that.

  2. My baby is 24 now who would have thought she would get so grown up and Little Leo is 6 what the hell is with that…………………….they grow up so fast, well it seems like they do doesn’t it.

  3. I am totally the same way. I have pissed people off to the point that they have cut off all ties with me and refuse to be my friend, and I still have no idea what the problem was. I suppose I could have asked, but that seemed like too much work!

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