Excellent weekend spent my way

Whew! Got into work 10 minutes late and had to immediately dive into a huge project. I just finished up but I was busy every moment. It was kind of nice, actually.  But now my wrist is hurting; damn typing. Occupational hazard.

Anywho, my Saturday was wonderful. We got up, had breakfast, then packed up and headed to St. George Island. BG slept the majority of the way so our trip was semi-peaceful. We got there around 10:30 and though the air was a little cool and windy, we got a great spot and as the sun rose higher, the temperature was perfect. The water wasn’t even that cold so we all were able to get in. I tanned and drank beer (though the state park frowns on that) and the sound of waves lulled me into a kind of work amnesia. I could actually enjoy something; I’d forgotten how. I didn’t do a thing that night but then, Sunday, all work awaited me.

I had papers to grade and a house to clean; laundry and cooking and more yardwork. It was busy but productive and we finished the evening with Game of Thrones. I have not read the books so big things that happen always are a surprise.

We found out that people bought the house next door. We only ever saw one couple there and they were pretty darn old. The people who supposedly bought it moved here to be closer to their kids and grandkids. So it may not be the people we saw but it is still an older couple. The woman who lives on the other side reports that they were very nice when she talked to them so we’ll see. It’ll be interesting to see how old their grandchildren really are. Here’s hoping!

It’s warm today and though I have a lot to do, I am longing to go outside. A Dunkin Donuts opened right by campus. I started walking earlier but I ran into this group of hippies protesting the fees they have to pay for their grad classes. Don’t even get me started but suffice to say: a higher education is not free. Now that they’re all over in front of the capitol, it might be safe to go in search of a donut. Hope everyone is having a fantabulous Monday!

2 thoughts on “Excellent weekend spent my way

  1. Our university is raising tuition next year. All employees finally get a raise–haven’t had one of those for like 4 years. Part of our raise will be funded from those tuition fees. We are still one of the cheapest state institution in the nation.

  2. Hope the new neighbours turn out to be nice people, it sucks when you get new neighbours and they turn out to be not nice people………………and we have a few of those around my block of townhouses………………

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