Friday confessions –

I confess… I have gotten a venti coffee two days in a row, which is unlike me. I had a free birthday drink and then my aunt sent me a five dollar gift on facebook. So hey, why not?

I confess… I had a driveway moment yesterday when I caught Fresh Air’s interview with Bryan Cranston. I love that guy. I wish Malcolm in the Middle would release all the seasons on DVD. I’m dying to see the roller skating episode.tumblr_luxcwhB0xg1qbvaudo3_250

I confess… I have had two other driveway moments with NPR this week. I’m not much for their political views but  I love Fresh Air and Ask Me Another. I also think I am in love with Jonathan Coulton. He’s awesome.

I confess... I did not eat any kind of cake or ice cream on my birthday. I had the opportunity to have dessert at lunch but I opted for 10% off instead.

I confess… I have one million errands to run and very little time. I am pretty much thinking about leaving early and going to a bunch of different places to bang out a few of them. Even though it’s going to rain today, I have got to get shit done!

I confess… I may also get a pedicure because my god, my toes are in serious need. I also confess that that’s going to be really nice: relaxing a little amidst all this other chaos.

2 thoughts on “Friday confessions –

  1. I really want to get a pedicure this year–once our weather calls for freeing the toes from shoes. So not until June at least.

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