MMMM + Super busy crazy tiring weekend!

I’m not even kidding; I was DONE by 9 PM last night. Let’s see, on Friday afternoon, I left a little early to run some of the myriad errands I had to do, even though it was raining. I first went to World Market to use my 10 dollars off 30 coupon. I got everything for Easter! I know that is way ahead but the coupon was going to expire and I love getting Easter things there. I then went to Academy to procure: a hula hoop and a bicycle for Isaac’s birthday, and a baseball belt.  That done, I gave myself a break and a much much needed pedicure. By the time I got home, so did everyone else. I made spaghetti and we started watching the third LOTR. My kids are really into those movies. In fact, I caught them pretending to be characters from it on Sunday. Isaac was an orc and Elliot was Gandalf and he kept telling Isaac, “You shall not pass!”

On Saturday, I knew I had to start cleaning. The house had become so cluttered that it was beginning to bother me. Plus, with people coming into town at the end of this week, it made sense. It was slated to rain pretty much all day so the three things we planned to do: baseball opening day for city sports, the Springtime parade, and baseball practice (which actually got canceled) were off the table. Ash still ran his 10k and the funny thing is that by 10:30, when the parade was set to begin, the sun came out and it turned out to be a lovely day. The stupid weather dice-rollers failed again. I’m convinced it’s not actually a science but a huge hoax. I think I may be a weather person. Easiest job ever; just guess! Oh, but so we ran errands and then went to Sonny’s. We all took an excellent nap that afternoon and then I mowed the lawn, made dinner, and watched more Lord of the…

On Sunday, I made it a point to do the two things my kids had been bugging me about: planting peanuts and start building the Lego Delorean. Mission accomplished! My neighbor, the one who’s moving, asked to do some laundry so I was here, there, and everywhere doing chores while she was in and out with clothes, and Ash and the boys did more work on the deck. We honest to God worked almost every moment of yesterday. When Isaac went down for a nap, Ell kept hauling long deck boards to me where I was sawing them in half. Directly after that, we went out to buy things for Isaac’s party. It’s a superhero theme so we needed to get items for the games and all that. We left at 3 and got home at 5:30! I quickly cleaned up then picked up pizza and my neighbor came over for dinner. She stayed until nearly 9 and I STILL had 10 papers to grade! I got all that done and finally ate some kind of cake. I was lamenting the fact I didn’t get a cake or sweets on my birthday so I bought a little parfait thing at the store. It was my reward for all that hard work!



It’s another freebie week so let’s pick some songs that dominated our weekend. As I was sawing boards, I would saw one side, then the other then flip the board and do the same. When it was weakened, I heel-kicked it to break it. For some reason, I got this following song in my head:

It makes sense; meet in the middle.

Then, Ash couldn’t stop singing this song and then, neither could the kids!

And this one, well, it’s a commercial but this will get stuck in your head!

One thought on “MMMM + Super busy crazy tiring weekend!

  1. The Little Caesars commercial is catchy, but I still think the Mariachi band would have worked better for, say, Taco Bell.
    Busy Weekend for sure! Ours was full, but not terrible busy. I was home a lot.

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