Keeping the Random Alive

  • It would honestly be a miracle if I felt rested at any given time
  • That said, Baby Girl might be rounding the bend on her sickness, THANK GOD.
  • Ok, let me throw something actually random: yesterday, Ash and I were watching the 3D channel and it was a show about NASCAR. And for about 30 minutes, I dwelled on what I thought to be an original idea: a romance novel about a pit crew guy. I was SO excited until I looked it up and of course, it’s been done. BUT, I think I may try to break into this niche realm.
  • I shared this on Facebook but check this out. My mind was seriously blown. Pixar movies all take place in same realm
  • Elliot has decided that he wants to eat breakfast at school. Can I tell you just how much this helps our mornings? Usually, it goes something like this: I tell him he needs to eat, he complains he’s not hungry, I harp on him, he says he can’t decide what to eat, we’re almost ready to leave and he goes on about how starving he is but has yet to pick something. Usually then I end up shoving a cereal bar in his hand and he chokes it down against his will. This way he has a different mind-set about breakfast. Plus, he goes in there with a friend and he’ll eat anything if his mind is on other stuff.
  • When we met that couple on Valentine’s Day, we found out that the girl had been stuck on the same level of Candy Crush as I am: 245. But now she’s beaten it and I am still stuck! The annoying thing is how close I keep getting and still failing. Kind of demoralizing.
  • I left my coffee travel mug in the office yesterday so I was forced to get Starbucks. I am working my way through a venti, which I normally don’t do. I am a little jittery already; lol. And I have eight student conferences back to back for the next 3 hours!!!
  • I just said yes to more grading. Am I insane?
  • Ok since this is going downhill fast, I’ll throw you some Man Candy because, well, why not?tumblr_muf5ljit4j1rpe379o2_250

Nick Youngquest


And now, some baby platypi wearing hats:tumblr_mtzujjrLFa1sn75h6o1_500

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Random Alive

  1. I think that is a good book idea, I’ve never read any books that have anything to do with a pit crew guy. I say go for it!
    I’ll have to check out that link about the Pixar movies, how neat!
    Candy Crush is the worst, I got to lvl 160 or so then got a new phone and decided I didn’t want to play any more.. and now I am back to playing it. Ugh.

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