Random Tuesday – Last one of the year


I shouldn’t say I am shocked it’s the end but… I am

  • As I reflect back on 2013 I can honestly say that two things stuck out as really awesome: beach trips and having Baby Girl. Otherwise, it felt pretty sucky. However, when putting it in perspective, it’s all pretty good, isn’t it?
  • We were watching a show called Buying Hawaii on the Destination America channel and when these people, who had been living in a tent, moved into a cabin that barely had indoor plumbing, I realized just how good we’ve got it. But we also daydreamed of our some-day Hawaiian getaway. It WILL happen.
  • On Saturday, both kids wanted oatmeal so I put the kettle on to boil and poured a packet of Dino egg oatmeal into each bowl. Once the kids were eating happily, I went out to the couch but soon after, heard the dreaded crash of porcelain breaking on the floor. Sigh. Isaac had somehow dropped his bowl. (It was the last one I had from Japan at EPCOT too; harumph.)
  • The reason this is weird is because later that evening, my parents were hanging out, playing their respective twitch games (i.e. Candy Crush) when they heard a terrible crash. The second shelf in their cabinet gave way and it was the one with all their bowls. My parents have a thing for bowls and sadly, most of them are gone now. Weird though that we each broke bowls that day!
  • Being home alone all day with three kids yesterday was… interesting. For the most part they were fine. My boys CAN be decent to each other but they’ve mostly reached the age of baiting each other into getting really angry. You know, “try to catch me”, “you can’t reach me, na na na na na.” That kind of thing. It’s old already.
  • I figured out the mystery smell in the house! Turns out is was the rubber on my bathroom rugs. I guess they saw a hot dryer one too many times and the stuff was old and disintegrating. It didn’t look like the bottoms were falling apart but I am guessing the rubber was breaking down, hence, the weird burning type smell. I don’t want to have to get new ones but the old ones are currently in the trash bin.
  • I’m trying to get back into the running mode. After the Turkey Trot, I dallied in a few miles here and there but I was so caught up in finishing work and getting all the Christmas stuff done that I just didn’t do much. Ell and I have a race on the 11th so we’re trying to train up some. It is always hard taking that first step into re-implementing this activity into my life but I know I need to. I think I put on a few pounds over the holidays and I feel downright blah.
  • SO, coming up: the holiday, going back to work, baby girl turning 5 months, a new semester, and hopefully, 2014 will be a good year for us. Tomorrow, WWTK will cover all things New Years so feel free to stop by!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Last one of the year

  1. My daughter is old enough to manipulate her little brother…. my son is young enough that he can only seem to whine about it. It drives me nuts! I can’t wait until school starts again!

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