Random Tuesday – Books, breakfast, and the like


Tuesday , oh Tuesday, you evil thing

  • Monday at work was SO slow. And the weather was gray and icky and all I wanted to do was read or take a bath, or both.
  • Today though, oh how nice it is. 50 and sunny, clear blue skies. Though our weather has been a little bipolar lately, I think it might be a fairly cold winter this year.
  • I felt at a total loss last night without Bones. I know it’s on Fridays now but your mind gets used to a routine, you know?
  • Elliot is reading the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and loving it. This is awesome because when he asks Santa for the next one, easy gift! I do think I may take a trip to the Goodwill bookstore though.  Nothing wrong with second-hand books, my friends. And the kids don’t mind. I bought 5-8 in the Magic Treehouse series for about 11 dollars used.
  • I’m doing the 12 days of Christmas Swap over at Chaotic Goddess. I did it last year but I have to admit, it did not go as planned. I have participated in other, very successful swaps but this one, that time, not so much. I am hoping this year it’ll rock. I love looking for gifts for people based on the research I do on their blog. It’s a challenge!
  • Public notice: there will be Christmas music playing in my office every day from here on out.
  • Though I get a bit tired of it and switch to my “Goin’ out with my boots on” playlist here and there, I am running Holiday music in full force now. Why the hell not? There are 10 other months where you don’t.
  • I discovered a cool website last night about my fair city. It has a lot of interesting features and I guess after being here for 16 years, I have come to love this place. I support local sites about us.
  • I do wish, however, that Tallahassee had a Bob Evans. I sometimes reply to their twitter feed with this request. There was one proposed a while ago and then suddenly, it was off the table. I want one! I love breakfast!2641971605_3f2ec1a834
  • I was thinking about men in suits this morning so your tasty treat is Michael grant Terry, who plays Wendell on Bones. And here is in a suit. Suit porn! And let’s throw some Chris Pine in there for fun.c7de5d3b13a1e8044af667fbbdec33a941564be23ac7d199df769fd737b07e1b

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Books, breakfast, and the like

  1. A man in a suit, yum!
    It just figures, our town finally gets a steakhouse and because of the way the owner fired everyone in the former restaurant, Nick won’t set foot in there. Firing the entire staff with no notice and then making a new restaurant is not so cool.

  2. Chris Pine, in a suit… yes. Thank you very much.
    I totally agree on the Christmas music. The guys in my office (I’m one of only 4 girls at a company that employs 40 men) force me to keep it off until our Christmas party (it’s always the last Friday in November) – but at home, I’m cranking it. It only gets a short amount of time, might as well make the most of it!
    And used books are awesome, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying second-hand. I scored the second and third book in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series last year at a book sale for $1/each. Both nice hardcover books. I paid $20 for the first one from Amazon, so I appreciated the deal on the others!

  3. As the song goes, “‘Cause everyone girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”. I love breakfast, too, but I prefer Cracker Barrel or at least that was my preference years ago. I can’t really say for sure since we haven’t eaten breakfast out in nearly three decades. Yes, I’m serious. It’s been that long. We have Cracker Barrels in town, but Bob Evan’s left years ago. There is one in Sevierville, TN though. Keep up the random & have a good day! Oh yeah, I hear you about Christmas music. I’ll be blasting the speakers off the wall soon with my favorite tunes. 🙂

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