Random Tuesday – Car Dealership edition


Tuesday already. And November; sheesh!

  • Yep, I am at Honda, getting brakes.  I have needed them for a few months but finally found time and money to go get them. You know how that is. I sometimes wish my husband was a mechanic. LOL.
  • I guess I don’t really mind doing this kind of maintenance; I feel good when I take care of my car. Besides, this baby’s got to last. We’re looking forward to a day when we have no car payments. Though mine is paid off, Ash has about 2 years to go. Then we’ll see how long we can go before I need a new one. I dread that, actually. I fear I will end up with either a minivan (God, no!) or the same as him,  a Pilot. But I’d be sure to get it in a different color at least. Either that or a Nissan Quest that, while still being considered a minivan, has a pretty cool design.
  • I had to wait forever and a day at Starbucks this morning and come to find out, two of their people called out. What is with kids these days? I hardly ever call out sick and I didn’t do it when I was younger with my first job. People relied on me; there was no choice. It’s funny because Elliot had to write five things that a responsible person does as a part of his homework (sentence work) and that was one we talked about: responsible people get done the things they’re supposed to.
  • I kind of hate how stores rush you through the seasons. The first day of November becomes all Christmas stuff all the time, when it should still be Fall. I got a PSL this morning to say screw you peppermint everything.
  • I was a good girl and got lots done yesterday, including putting away the Halloween decorations. Even though this time change has made me exceedingly tired by 9 PM, I am more on the ball during the day. I guess there are always trade-offs.
  • I actually got a win in fantasy this week! I went against all my morals and ethics and picked up a player who a.) wen to Florida (shudder) and b.) is an apparent racist. But he got me a big fat 34 points so the moral of the story here is….
  • There’s a woman in the waiting room now with a gigantic German Shepherd. I mean, GINORMOUS. He’s basically a small horse.
  • I had a friend in middle school who owned a GS and a Doberman, two breeds that scared the ever loving crap out of me when I was little. My fear stemmed from this time in second grade when I was doing s scavenger hunt at a birthday party and when we went to this one house, they opened the door and a German Shepherd chased me around the yard. Terrifying!
  • Finding Man Candy today is a fun challenge; there’s an older lady sitting right next to me. I have to tip my laptop at a certain angle so she doesn’t spy me, since she’s definitely trying to see my screen. Mind your business!

Here’s an exotic-looking sample for you. Have a good Tuesday!33837f3838e5b90787080f870c67aa77

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Car Dealership edition

  1. i really wish the whole Christmas thing would hold off some. I get so sick of it by Christmas I’d rather be a Grinch than Santa.

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