Random Tuesday – No really, RANDOM


Tuesday already. And almost November; sheesh

  • You ever stop to think about misheard lyrics? You have, no doubt, done it yourself a few times. In that song by Alan Jackson, Chattahoochee, there’s a line where he says, “…and a little ’bout love.” My sister always said “and a little dog roared.” I don’t know why but I just randomly thought of that.
  • My children were very well behaved last night and this morning, proving that the weekend was some strange anomaly. Who knows why kids act all funky but I am glad someone returned MY kids. 🙂
  • Yesterday, while talking to my friend at the the hot dog stand she runs on campus, about 10 football/basketball players came for food. I saw seven former students of mine and it’s nice to be recognized and acknowledged. It’s also fairly amusing, given that our team is good now and those guys are basically campus celebrities. Other people in line even asked, “Whoa, how do you know those guys??” English teacher, bitches!
  • I can’t believe Halloween is in two days. This time of year goes so quickly, you can barely hold onto it. Before you know it, we’ll be feasting on Thanksgiving and then frantically buying Christmas presents and then it’ll be boring old January again. Cold, dark, 2014.
  • Whoo, that was depressing! Let’s counteract that with the 30 Happiest Facts of All Time.
  • I could get stuck on buzzfeed all day if I didn’t make myself do work.
  • I’m feeling very nostalgic today so if you don’t already participate in my Wednesday meme with Kenzie, WWTK, then maybe you should stop by. The questions will be of that topic: memory.

I have a bunch to do this morning and I must force myself to do them. In the meantime, enjoy Alex Minsky. He was a Marine before losing his leg and… then becoming an underwear model. More power to ya!Alex-Minsky-us-marine-lost-leg-becoems-underwear-model

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – No really, RANDOM

  1. That right there is a fine specimen of man.
    Don’t remind me that January is coming. Maybe this year we will have snow. That makes January better.

  2. I think my most embarrassing misheard song lyric was “Take me down to the very nice city/where the grass is green and the girls are pretty” – I used to sing it loud and proud, well into my teen years, before I finally got the connection between the title “Paradise City” and the words I was singing… whoops.

    Gah. Not January yet. Please, not yet!!

  3. The only good thing about November being around the corner is my birthday is coming………….and I like my birthday. Oh and thank you for the right hot bod you shared here with us

  4. Mmm, gotta say a ooh-rah to Alex Minsky….just because my hubby is a former Marine, that’s all…heh…. I can’t believe it’s almost November already!
    I mis-hear lyrics all the times and so do my kids. Some of my favorites of the kids’: my son with It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill “and if you wonder…how to spell I Wonder….” and my daughter with We Danced by Brad Paisley “I said you’ll only get this back in one position….”

  5. My husband says I’m the queen of misquoting songs! I often sing in the shower, and he says I’m always getting the song lyrics wrong. I don’t care though! The way I sing them is better!

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