WWTK – A quick one before I teach

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Answer these as best you can:


1. What makes you feel most alive?
2. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
3. How do you feel about horoscopes?
4. Do you read reviews before you watch or read something?
5. Are you more of a “yes” person or a “no” person?


1.) I think when I am running I feel most alive. I have music blaring and though my body hurts, the pain still gives me this feeling of utilizing all my senses.

2.) If you can call it that… when I was in high school  I went into my parents’ study because I heard someone calling my name. But my mom was outside and was not, in fact, calling me. I always felt a little freaked out by the closet in there. Apparently my sister also heard her name coming from that room so we went ahead and assumed we had a closet ghost and named him Atluck, which is the technical term for a hole in ice through which sea lions breathe, according to some trivia game we played back then. However, if you google that now, the term is Aglu. I think it may have been an Inuit word.

3.) I want to believe horoscopes but I think it’s more of a suggestion based thing. As in, you might believe it, depending. I do believe in certain aspects of sign traits, though.

4.) I read reviews sometimes if a movie I really want to see is getting bad ones. I think I do it because I know I’m going to see it anyway so I’d like to go into it knowing what people had issues with.

5.) Can I say maybe? I don’t immediately cut out options but I don’t just jump right into situations either. I weigh.

2 thoughts on “WWTK – A quick one before I teach

  1. I use reviews of movies more for the what a movie is about than if it was good or not. Movie critics think about movies too much. I’m not interested in the meaning behind a movie, I just want to be entertained.

  2. I’d call that a paranormal experience!!
    I don’t read my horoscope anymore. I was checking them a lot the summer my cousins passed away, and I remember leading up to that, it said things were going to be bad for a while, that bad things were going to happen. Up until then, I’d taken them with a grain of salt. That freaked me out a little and now I just don’t read them at all.

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