Random Tuesday – A time to look back, feeling Fall, losing it


Tuesday, oh Tuesday. You won’t best me today

  • My Monday was ridic busy but I got a lot done. And then, around 10:30, I went into my room for something and somehow ended up passing out in bed. Totally didn’t count on that!
  • Anyway, today marks eight years of being married to my amazing husband. We met in mid 1999 and I think we we actually began dating sometime in early 2001. It wasn’t always wonderful but we made it and have a whole lot to show for it. On the ninth, my grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary; if they can do it, so can we!
  • When I was at the Luke Bryan concert, a fight broke out (right over me; I spilled beer all over) and someone said (though I don’t know if it’s true) the one guy told the other he wasn’t country enough. And I started thinking what I would say if someone challenged me. A good portion of my family is from Alabama. I was raised on Hank, Conway Twitty, and Travis Tritt. NASCAR was a staple of our weekends. I’ve blown up small sticks of dynamite on the fourth of July. And I’ve been to my fair share of demolition derbies. But more than that, I think country is a state of mind. And I got that.
  • I cannot believe we’re halfway through October. I only just put up our yard decorations. We haven’t procured costumes yet or gone to the pumpkin patch. This month is flying by, which is fine by me because I start one of my other jobs at the end and that’s just one step closer to money.
  • There’s a new trend on campus: roving bands of hammock users. They tie them up to trees on the green and just swing away in between classes. I even saw a guy in one between some columns in the building next to mine. The new nomads?
  • I ran 2.2 miles on Sunday and felt really good. I think it’s time to run additional miles after Elliot and I finish our runs together. I put on four different shirts today that just didn’t fit right. I have got to start dropping the pounds!
  • It’s always so depressing after you have a baby because even when you lose weight, your body doesn’t go back to the way it used to be. Things are all rearranged. The flab is awful.
  • My mind is on the cusp of Summer/Fall. It randomly dredges up images of our summer beach trips and then turning leaves and cool mornings. I think the temps need to just stay cool so my subconscious could know we’re in the Autumn for sure. In a few weeks, they’re predicting 40s!

That’s all I’ve got today; papers need to be graded and books for Spring ordered. But I can’t leave you high and dry; here’s a tasty treat. I’ll take two!tumblr_mu0m3pEE9k1rdbcfio1_500

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – A time to look back, feeling Fall, losing it

  1. It was a frosty 22 degrees this morning here. Fall is on it’s way out and winter is breathing down our necks. We even had more snow yesterday. No roving bands of random hammock users here.
    Definitely a tasty treat.

  2. Happy anniversary! How exciting 😀 And happy anniversary to your grandparents! 65 years, wow.
    I definitely think country is more of a state of mind, because I definitely grew up no where near the south.. but I love me some country music, I would be lost without my cowboy boots, I love riding horses, flannel is a must, and one day I dream of owning a farm!
    It’s definitely fall around here, we’ve been sticking around 40-50 degrees lately.

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