Friday Confessions – A bit tired and angry

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I confess… if you say ANYTHING about the Breaking Bad finale I will cut you. I know I should have been on this train tears ago but come on, don’t spoil it for us. We’re two episodes into season 2; I’ll be caught up before you know it!

I confess… I have been trying to stay away from news this week. The government shutdown is such bullshit. Look, I think we all deserve a chance to improve ourselves. That said, I don’t believe everyone deserves health insurance. Go look up how much people on welfare make annually. Go ahead… I’ll wait. Ok, now, without telling you my financials, I will tell you I make less than that and I work my damn ass off. SO, allowing sacks of crap who get paid to do nothing also get health insurance seems – to me  – the opposite of what our country was founded on. You know, work hard, work for your family, and worry about yourself. The rest falls into place. This whole thing is a shit storm that seems to have no resolution until we have honest people elected… and we all know that ain’t ever gonna happen.

I confess… I don’t like telling you how I feel about these things for fear the lefties are going to hate me and stop reading. We all have our opinions; I’m still terribly liberal when it comes to women and reproduction and I am certainly uber liberal on other civil liberties. But now that I have stuff to lose, I don’t want to be giving all my money away. Doesn’t that seem logical to you?

I confess… KISS is super cheesy but they’ve been around long enough to really earn their stripes. And I love every cheesy ounce of their music.

I confess… I didn’t fall asleep until close to 2, Baby Girl woke at 3:45, then I was up at 6:40. I feel good for now but you know by 11 or 12 I am gonna be draggin’. It’s my own fault though; I was stressed and couldn’t fall asleep.

I confess… I am feeling rather overwhelmed lately. Every day seems so full and when I finally get a break to, you know, sit down for a second, I feel guilty for not doing other things like writing or exercising.

I confess… I have a bunch of things to do this morning, all before lunch so I am going now. And I am going to work… yes, I promise I will. Right after I check all my email and favorite sites, and play Candy Crush and…

6 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – A bit tired and angry

  1. I call myself a conservative moderate. And I hate politics and the political system, but we are stuck with it. I wish they could come to a decision.
    Have not gotten on the Breaking Bad boat. We liked Agent of SHIELD though.

  2. Ok, so I looked up how much a sack of crap makes. On average, a family of 4 will receive about $300 in food stamps and about $900 in financial assistance.

    Don’t believe me?

    Also, it seems like you’re uninformed how the health care law works. No one is being given health insurance. They have to buy health insurance. If you’re a sack of crap, you might get some additional money to help you pay for that health insurance, though (what a bunch of sacks of crap!). This will help you pay less for your health insurance, too. The more people in the insurance pool, the more money in the pool, which means you don’t have have to pay as much for your insurance. Also, all the sacks of crap without insurance make it more expensive for you because the ER has to eat the costs of the sacks of crap rack up when they get too sick to go to work. If they get money from the sacks of crap for the treatments they receive instead of getting nothing from the sacks of crap, the cost of hospital care will go down.

    Although, I suppose seeing a bunch of dead sacks of crap on the sidewalk outside hospitals that won’t admit them or heal them might appeal to some.

  3. I think it is also worthwhile to note that while YOU might make less than an individual might make on welfare, you have a HUSBAND who also makes money in your family and your non-traditional financial arrangement creates financial stress for YOU akin to that of a person in poverty (although people in real poverty don’t stress that they can’t buy a latte this week).
    Poor people aren’t all welfare queens in SUVs. Here, I did some research for you. Most people on welfare aren’t even barefoot people watching Maury with 10 kids in the backyard of their double-wide.

  4. Wow based on the comments no wonder you were afraid to say something. I agree with you, the health care system is messed up, something needs to be done to fix it Obamacare is so not the solution. I am all for giving people a hand up, but not a hand out. The welfare system the way it is rewards people for not working and it is often better for them to keep staying on it rather than get a low paying start up job, as we all have to start somewhere, the whole thing needs to be reformed. If we just keep giving hand-outs people are just going to keep accepting them and never try and improve. Obviously there are some that do and those people are amazing and what the American Dream is about, but far too many just want things to be taken care of for them.

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