Writer’s Workshop – Down! Set! Hike!


3.) 10 Things you love about football

I don’t know if I can think of 10 but five came to me right away, so let’s give this one a go:

1.) I love how football goes hand in hand with Fall. It was the soundtrack of Thanksgiving when I was a kid so it always makes me a little reminiscent.Football Thanksgiving

2.) I love how college football people usually don’t like pro as much and vice versa. It’s interesting to see where allegiances lie and how into a team people can get. It’s crazy! My parents got married in November and my dad’s family is from Alabama. Because the Auburn/Alabama game was on the day of their wedding, a good number of his family did not even attend!ironbowl

3.) I love football jerseys. They’re super comfy!

4.) J.J. Watt:JJ Watt

5.) The communal aspect. People love to get together and watch it; feel the ups and downs with each other.

6.) Food! Isn’t football food the best? Nachos and all kinds of good stuff.FootballSnacks

7.) I love the sheer barbarism of it. It appeals to our inner cavemen. Yes, hit that guy! Take out his knees! Touchdown!SONY DSC

8.) I like that it is on basically all the time. Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And sometimes Friday!

9.) The strategy behind it. I like watching and figuring out plays. Also, there’s so much teamwork involved compared to most other sports.

10.) Fantasy football! Having a team of players and going head-to-head against opponents definitely makes watching the sport even better. There’s something at stake along with the fun of watching. That’s my actual team down there and my match-up for the week. I could win…


9 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Down! Set! Hike!

  1. I confess that I’ve never really been much of a football fan but I do love a good football party – the food, the energy, the socializing. Oh and I do love those tight pants 😉
    (visiting from Mama Kat’s site)

  2. I’m not a HUGE football fan, but at least in the past few years, I’ve actually learned what’s going on out there. Still haven’t picked a team to be “mine” – probably if I did, I’d take more of an interest! I do enjoy lazy Sunday afternoons, snoozing on the couch with a game on as background noise. haha! Also LOVE me some Friday Night Lights!!!

  3. I’m afraid I’m on the side of not really loving football, but I can totally get behind a plate of nachos or whatever other appetizers are around. That’s it! Team Football Food! That’s me!

  4. Thank you for sharing what ‘holding’ meant. That does seem more reasonable than the player ‘holding’ the ball too long. lol. You did make some good points though. My birthday falls on Thanksgiving ever so many years (2012 being one), and I have awesome memories of my uncle watching football while waiting on Thanksgiving dinner, and a lot of times a radio or t.v. was on during my birthday with a game or two. I can’t believe some of your dad’s side didn’t come to his wedding because of football! wow. Great post!

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