Random Tuesday – Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone


I go back to work in 1  week; OMG. Let’s get random

  • I didn’t do a thing yesterday! My parents and I went to breakfast after I took the kids to school then I sat around. I have, from today, exactly seven days left of leave so I thought I needed one day to NOT think about all the stuff I still want to accomplish. The pressure was too great.
  •  My parents being here was nice and all but Sunday night, the age old discussion about testing Elliot for gifted came up again. I do think he is smart enough but at the same time, I am really reluctant to pull him out and put him with all kids of the same mind, so to speak. Who knows? Maybe it is for the best. But he seems bored with school for now and I can only guess it’s because it’s “not fun” because he is bored.
  • Because he’s a smart kid and thinking about a million things at once, I see that although he wants to play sports, some days, his head is elsewhere. I’m not saying you have to be of lesser intelligence to excel at sports but you have to be able to focus on one thing and one thing only. In his case now, pull flags. His brain probably looks something like: “I should pull that kid’s flag I wonder what I’m going to do later tonight red is a nice color the sky looks darker I like pizza.”
  • I am a wee bit nervous about going back to work. I don’t like easing into it: I want it to be crazy busy from day one so I can feel like I was needed. I know I’ll have a mess of a Spring schedule to deal with and then some other things that happen in October. I really just wish I had one of those online sidejobs to be doing as well. I love being busy.
  • I’m also worried about finding the new normal. You know, what life is like with going to work all day, then coming home and working some more at my secondary job as wife and mother. I did it with one and I did it with two, but three? I don’t know. Will it be that much different? I find that I am feeling a little sad about the entire thing; probably because I fear the unknown.
  • We were watching the Emmys on and off Sunday night and I found out that my parents really dislike Neil Patrick Harris. Now, I admit that I do not care for How I Met Your Mother, but NPH is awesome. It was quite a shock for us.
  • Elliot was actually effective in flag football yesterday. They had him doing a reverse route then just running for it, which is why he wanted to play in the first place. He’s fast so it works for him. It was a good practice.
  • Today we’re dealing with some insurance stuff from an accident back in 2010 and I am none too happy about it. SO I leave you now with Man Candy, which I haven’t done in ages. You’re welcome!

Model Todd Finlay:tumblr_mqjskvibgP1swbzgko1_1280

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

  1. Oh my… Your man candy is always delicious! THAT one especially!!

    You’ll find your new normal… it will probably take a few weeks, but you’ll settle in. I dread those periods of adjustment from “unknown” to “normal”, so I can relate… hang in there! And enjoy your last 7 days! 🙂

  2. I personally believe that all kids should be treated as if they were gifted. Those kids get all the fun lessons!

    Normal is a relative word. You will find a routine that works for you, no matter how many kids you have.

    Enjoy your week!

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