Random Tuesday – Here and there, bits of things


I go back to work in 2 weeks; OMG. Let’s get random

  • Yeah so when I realized I only have 2 weeks of leave left, I may have freaked out just a wee bit.
  • I now have a working list of things I want to get done. Yet, one day has passed and I didn’t get much done. I need to asses each item and be thankful I did those; stop looking too far ahead.
  • As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve finally started watching Breaking Bad, which basically means I have to stay away from the internet to avoid spoilers. LOL. So far, I like it but I’m not totally hooked yet. We’re only 5 episodes in though.
  • I can’t believe we have to wait until March 30th for Game of Thrones. That seems so far away!
  • Baby Girl will not take a pacifier. On the one hand, I never wanted to have to break my kids of such a device but if it would make her less fussy, I’d give it a go. My worry was always that I’d have a kid who’s way too old, still sucking on one. That’s definitely one of my pet peeves.
  • Another one of my pet peeves? When I get back into bed after a mid-night feeding, my husband tends to turn towards me. This wouldn’t be a problem but he’s always done this thing where he basically is trying to swallow but his mouth is dry, so he makes this horribly disgusting sound. Normally I sleep through it but not after having been away for 20-30 minutes with the baby. It is dreadful!
  • It looks wonderful outside right now: sunlight filters through the trees surrounding my house and it is bright and green. It’s almost as if the temperature is nice… but it isn’t. It is way too humid.
  • Definitely looking forward to Fall and Winter. I think it might be a colder than usual season. Just a hunch; I don’t actually know that. But I am hopeful.
  • This is a bit short, I know, but the baby seems exceptionally hungry today so that’s my cue. TTYL!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Here and there, bits of things

  1. Only 2 more weeks?! ACK! I’d be panicking!! Here, most working women are entitled to a year of mat leave, and sometimes I don’t think that feels long enough!!

    I feel like I need to get on the Breaking Bad bandwagon… but Dexter’s getting my full attention right now. I never gave Sons of Anarchy a proper chance either (only watched a handful of eps before I gave it up) – I need to try it out again too. And I ALSO relate to having to stay away from the internet to avoid spoilers of these shows! lol! Can’t even google images of the shows, because they can give things away.

  2. Yeah, Game of Thrones is too far away! And where’s the next book?

    We want to watch Breaking Bad, but we will wait for Zane to get a little older!

  3. A child who is too old for a dummy (pacifier) that would be my second daughter Natasha she was nearly 5 and would not give it up completely, she was only using it when she was distressed and yeah I should had been tougher but tough is never something I have been good at. She was not allowed to use it outside of the home either.

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