Friday Confessions – I will definitely try to cut them out

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I confess… My stomach feels smallest in the mornings so I get dressed, look down at myself  and feel pretty good. Then I look in the mirror and feel HUGE.

I confess… I was not happy with my weight gain at the doc’s yesterday. Six pounds in five weeks. He said that every pregnant woman “pops” at some point so the larger gain is different for everyone. HOWEVER, I was still feeling too big. He told me if I wanted to control it, to just cut down on carbs. Um, my life revolves around carbs.

I confess… After yoga on Wednesday, I totally picked up a Vertigo burger; consequences be damned. (It was totally worth it.)

I confess… I will definitely try harder to cut down on carbs (and that night bowl of vanilla ice cream.)  And I think I am going to start swimming once a week. Probably at 7, because more lanes open at the pool and I’m guessing not a lot of people will be there.

I confess… This week has been sort of long and sort of annoying, but I cannot pinpoint why. We had a very nice Thursday evening: Isaac’s end of the year program and then two hours at the public pool with his classmates, pizza, and cake. (Also things I didn’t need.)

I confess... I bought a pair of shoes on ebay that look very similar to Sperry’s… and I am happy with this. I was afraid I wouldn’t like how they look on my feet compared to the other boaties I have. They have a more pointed style. Well, these also feel a little pointy BUT having only paid 15 bucks, I can live with it. Had I paid more for Sperrys and still not been totally pleased, I would have been mad. Now, however, I am searching for the perfect no-show sock.

And that’s what I’ve got today. Hope you all have a good weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – I will definitely try to cut them out

  1. I love Topsiders. If you find the perfect no-show sock, please share!
    Don’t worry about the weight gain. You’re eating for two, and if you focus on what’s healthy for you and the baby that’s all that matters!

  2. You’re pregnant, Woman! Enjoy your largeness! This is the one time when it’s ok to be big!

  3. I love eBay. And PayPal. Try not to worry toouch about your preggo weight. Enjoy the experience! Have a great weekend.

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