Spin Cycle – Pets

Second BloomingI don’t normally do Spin Cycle lately – just a lot of other obligations – but I will this week because i thought recently of a good story.

When I was about six or seven, I brought home a fancy-looking shell from the beach at my grandparents’  house in Palm Beach. When we got home, it turns out it was not just a shell.hermit-crab1

It was a hermit crab and I named him Max. We put him in a shallow dish with water and some tuna. I had no idea how to care for one, really. I think my parents did what they thought was best. I had Max maybe a week or so before the dreaded moment.

I was watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. It was the scene when he’s in Texas and they’re having some kind of carnival with those big papier mache heads and Pee Wee’s trying to avoid the Bluto character (I know his name isn’t Bluto, it’s Andy). My mother came into our TV room and told me that Max had gone to hermit crab heaven. I am pretty sure it was the first time I experienced death so close to me. At the time, it was fairly devastating. To this day, that movie and that scene trigger this memory.

P.S. As I was googling that street scene to add a photo, THIS is something I found. Totally unrelated but hilarious!richard-simmons

2 thoughts on “Spin Cycle – Pets

  1. Poor Max. I love that you tried to feed him tuna! I also love that Pee Wee Herman always makes you remember your dead crab. I do not particularly love that scary picture of Richard Simmons!

    You are linked! Happy to have you back with us this week!

  2. We too have experienced hermit crab death. Currently the four we have seem quite content. Turbo is happy with them anyway.

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