Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Wet world edition


Seriously Shawn

  •  It’s raining this morning and there’s nothing like starting off your day with that and bad traffic. But I am going to try not to let that bother me.
  • But this email from one of my students does; he is ALWAYS making excuses and the “food poisoning” is, I am sure, a euphemism for either hung over and just still drinking. I can tell he’s that type.
  • I went home yesterday feeling really sick. Dizzy, sore, just out of sorts. It was weird. I felt like that pretty much all night but woke up feeling fine. Pregnancy is just weird.
  • Easter is quickly approaching and I realize I better get to the store for basket knick-knacks before Sunday because Ash is going out of town. I won’t be able to get to the store alone after that. I honestly haven’t given it much thought other than that. This month is way too busy.
  • But Friday, oh Friday; it’s going to rock. It’s our half day so we’ll go to lunch and then a movie. Then, Ash is taking me to get a mani/pedi and my hair cut. THEN, the kids’ favorite babysitting is coming so we can go out and celebrate my birthday. I’m very much looking forward to it, especially the haircut, even though I am nervous. My hair is very long and I don’t much care for doing it so I always put it up. If it’s shorter, I have to do something. I want it shorter, for sure, but again, I am nervous!
  • I am also looking forward to eating a meal without telling kids to wipe their hands, not use their shirts as napkins, use their utensils, and stop arguing. My Lord, Elliot has been an argumentative sonuva lately. Like, every, single, thing. He argued with me this morning about how he doesn’t’ ALWAYS argue, which is clearly a lie. I’m just about done with it; he’s getting a muzzle for Easter.
  • I’m trying REALLY hard to care about teaching the rest of this semester. My students aren’t good, they don’t care, and when they don’t care, neither do I. And knowing this is my very last class at FSU makes me even more impatient to just be done with it. It’s been a good run; I first taught in the Fall of 2004 as a grad student who had no idea what I was in for. I loved it; it paid the bills, and I could balance it with my life. Now, nine years later, I am burned out on face-to-face teaching by the mere fact of too many online jobs. Grading, replying to student issues, and then my full-time job simply don’t allow for the time or brain-power required to get out of my damn seat and walk down the hall to teach. I think we have about six weeks left; I can do this!
  • A few last random flashes of imagery I see in my brain these days and then it’s on to man candy: Spring flowers are still pretty in the rain, Cadbury Creme Eggs, coffee ice cream, runners on Blairstone whom I envy, The Hobbitt on Blu-ray, and Starburst jelly beans. (I have those in my office.)

There’s an entire tumblr blog dedicated to guys doing yoga. I am fascinated by this for some reason. Maybe because I usually do prenatal yoga and clearly, there are no men there.tumblr_mhx7ju8zve1qe59s4o1_500tumblr_mhmoa6RsVq1qe59s4o1_500tumblr_mi7ym0BhRU1qe59s4o1_500

4 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Wet world edition

  1. Happy almost birthday! Going out for a nice dinner will be amazing! I vote for getting the hair cut shorter, it will always grow. Nothing makes us look fresher and more pulled together than a nice new haircut.

  2. I’m sorry you’re burned out on teaching. I loved teaching elementary but it was all the other bull sh*t that came with teaching that I hated. I miss it but I like staying at home too. What do you think you’ll do next year?
    Sorry I’ve been MIA. Live is hectic these days. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Rain and bad traffic is never a good start to any day. But it sounds like your plans on Friday (Happy (early) Birthday!!) are going to make up for the entire rest of the week! 🙂 I have really long hair, but since it’s so stinkin’ thick, I get it layered so I can take advantage of my natural wave to just scrunch it when I don’t feel like doing anything else with it, or throw it in a pony tail, or flat iron it to shiny smoothness, or curl it – and it doesn’t feel so ‘weighty’ or bulky, but it’s still long. A fresh new haircut or style always makes the day even better!

    It’s a bummer your students are not good and don’t care and burning you out on the whole teaching gig. Maybe it’s time for a new chapter? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel with only 6 weeks to go! 🙂

    Nice man candy! 🙂

    Snow Teaser, Omarosa the Witch, St. Patty’s Day Fun Fail but Pot Roast Win: RTT Rebel

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