MMMM + Weekend of Back Pain

Alright ::crackes knuckles:: back to the grind. School’s back in session for us this week so I am busy busy. But then again, when am I not? Anywho, the weekend was pretty darn good. Got some good sleep, since Ash had to run 26 miles on Saturday morning. The boys and I went to Target and then I did a bunch of cleaning before we went back out to Costco. I’m pretty sure I got in a nap and then in the afternoon, we played outside because the weather was gorgeous. It was slightly windy but the boys got to finger paint and ride bikes, etc. We didn’t know what to do for dinner so we went to this new pizza place called Joe Mama’s. It’s a little hoity toity for pizza but still pretty good. And we got to eat outside and the boys behaved. They even earned ice cream after, which was awesome for me as well! (sea salt caramel is honestly one of the best things in the entire world.) By night’s end, my back was done. I mean, I’m almost 20 weeks now and an entire morning of standing and chores will just do me in.

Ash had to run a mere 10 on Sunday but he drove an hour to the location of his upcoming race to do them. We hit up the store then made a big lunch before tee-ball and then Lowes for a dryer part. Our vent thing (the flexible metal portion) has had a hole in it for months so I decided that morning I’d start moving things around to replace it. Like all home projects, it was a bigger pain in the ass than expected. BUT, we got it back together and I finally started doing my Big Sunday Laundry by 5 PM. UGH.  Again, my back was killing me but it was not a bad weekend all in all.

My calendar today says: “Being chained to a desk is not that different from being chained to a stove. Maybe we need to shift our focus to the chain!”

We’re all chained to something; can’t do much there!



Freebie week! I spent some time sitting on my computer with my noise-cancelling headphones on, playing songs from my Hair Metal Ballads playlist. So you get some!

(that’s a fan made video, btw)


And that about doe sit. Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for the We Want to Know meme. Its all about music this week! Here’s one of the questions: What is the first concert/show you ever went to? What was the best and why?

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend of Back Pain

  1. Busy weekend, woman! My Saturday was wonderfully, lazy, but then AAAAALL of Sunday was spent at Jude’s swim meet. Yikes.

  2. This week, I’m doing a double dance with all of my 4M buds due to last week’s siesta with DH. More about that in an upcoming post! 🙂

    I am not familiar with the hair bands you featured. It would be fun to see if these guys still have that much hair today. lol The first concert I went to was to see ARS at the college DH attended when we were dating. Their biggest hit at the time was Imaginary Lover and it was excellent hearing them perform that on stage. That’s still one of my favorite songs.

    It was great, great fun to dance with you and thanks for being such a loyal Monday’s Music Moves Me party-goer!

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