WWTK – The Way Back Machine

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1.) Describe what high school was like for you. Include details like where you went, your dedication to certain subjects, etc.
2.) On a typical Friday night in high school, what could you be found doing?
3.) Did you own a car in high school?
4.) Sum up your fashion sense in high school.
5.) Have you attended any high school reunions?
BONUS: If you have a photo and don’t mind showing us, feel free!
– – ANSWERS – –

1.) I attended South Broward high in South Florida for the Fall semester and then we moved to Orlando. There, I had to make all new friends, reacquaint myself with a school and trends, etc. Everyone was big into surfing (odd, being 45 mins from the ocean whereas in S. Fla, I was about 5 and no one liked surfing). I found myself gravitating towards the skateboard culture and new music, using those as ways to integrate into cliques. I was still great at school but my ability to do math was waning and I struggled there.

2.) In the first couple years, probably science homework. Honors Biology and Chemistry were HARD. I wasn’t going out much at that time. I do remember staying up late, watching Beavis and Butthead a lot. In my junior and senior years, I had friends and we’d typically drive around downtown and eat at Denny’s – drinking lots of coffee and eating fried foods – and sometimes we’d watch snooty movies.

3.) I did not own my car but once I got my license, I was able to drive my parents’ brown Mazda 929 pretty much whenever I wanted. I think we had three cars at the time (my parents actually had money then!) and if I wanted to go out, I could. It wasn’t the coolest car but it was a means of getting out.

4.) Oh lordy, I was a wreck when it came to clothes. I mean, I always dressed how I wanted and in the clothes that I was drawn to, regardless of conventions. I preferred long shorts and band t-shirts. I went through a hat phase. I preferred comfort over style and I was never girly. I am sure people thought I was a tomboy gone wrong or secretly thought I was a lesbian but I really didn’t care. The clothes did not define me.

5.) I graduated in 1997 and no, I ave not been to any reunions. I talk to one of my old friend on google chat and we both agree: there’s nothing for us there. I have no interest in seeing most of those people and the ones I did want to reconnect with, I already friended on Facebook.

Sadly, I have no photos of my from that era squirreled away. You know, it took more effort back then to take and develop photos.  I commend anyone who has a bunch.

One thought on “WWTK – The Way Back Machine

  1. I used to wear board shorts all the time, I loved the length of them! I was never a short-short girl until after I got out of high school haha. I’ve never been surfing before!

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