Friday Confessional – Complaints Accepted Here

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I confess…  I hope it’s the kind of day at work where no one needs me, no one comes in to bother me. I am in the mood to just buckle down and get work done.  I might even clean up in here.

I confess…  I feel awfully scatterbrained this morning. I keep flitting from one thing to another, not finishing any one task.

I confess… I feel like I have been awful about the food I’m eating during this pregnancy but so far, the doc said my weight gain is fine. I almost wish they had told me otherwise!

I confess… I am not happy that our coldest temps of the season are coming tomorrow… when Elliot has his last soccer game at 9 AM. OMG.

I confess… I have a feeling that means we’ll head to someplace warm for lunch, someplace with comfort food. Most likely Cracker Barrel.

I confess.. I am doing everything in my power not to take this Claritin right now. My doc said Allegra was ok to take so I took a 12 hour pill at 8 last night. But the Claritin is 24 hour and by tonight, I’ll be kicking myself if I took it. ARGH. Damn these allergies!

I confess... my Valentine’s Day was pretty darn good. Ash got me a lovely card and we feasted on steaks and mashed potatoes from Bonefish before flopping on the couch and watching basketball. Of course, I took that Allegra and promptly fell asleep. But oh, what good sleep it was, there on the couch under my fuzziest blanket.

I confess… I probably look like crap because of these allergies; my eyes are slightly closed, my nose is red, and I am breathing all funky. I need to quarantine my office!

Ok, that’s all I’ve got. It mostly bitching and moaning but hey, you can take it. Have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Complaints Accepted Here

  1. I am right there with you on allergies sucking, I have horrible seasonal allergies and I am allergic to pollen. I happen to live in the greenest state in the US, go figure. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!
    P.S. I am going to try to fix the linky for Wednesday. It won’t show the links on our pages so that people can visit each other 😦

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