Friday Confessional – Finally! Week’s End

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I confess… this week has felt weird to me. Some good things happened, and I had some busy days, but I also felt out of whack.

I confess… it may take everything in my power to NOT buy Girl Scout Cookies. And not because I want sweets like whoa, but because one box of Thin mints in the freezer is just a comforting thought.

I confess… I went out to Bonefish with some friends last night. I also ate way too much. Want to know? My friend and I split an order of Lobster Rangoon, I had two Shirley Temples (hey, it sounded fabulous), two of the Bang Bang tacos and their whipped mashed potatoes. Not to mention some of their awesome bread. TOO FULL.

I confess… it makes me kind of annoyed that The Eagles are not on Spotify. I mean, I realize I am listening to music for free but haven’t they made enough in four decades??

I confess… I base how my day might go upon  whether or not the first piece of trash I throw at the can actually goes in. If in, good day, if not, BAD. (Today? It went in. 🙂 )

I confess… I was having a dream in which I was having some kind of sexy dream – lol – but in that dream, the kids came barging in and woke me up. SO, when I woke from my real dream and realized I was alone, Ash was in the shower, and I was still wrapped up all warm in my blankets, I was so relieved!

I confess… I just did my budget for this two weeks and I have money left. What do I want to buy??

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Finally! Week’s End

  1. Thin Mints in the freezer really is a comforting thought. I guess I didn’t realize that it’s girl scout cookie season already. I’d have to seek out a girl scout to get some cookies; I don’t think I know any one who sells them.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. We got hit up for the girl scout cookies. I had to get Thin Mints and the Tagalongs. I like the peanut butter cookies almost as much as I like the Thin Mints.

  3. I have the hardest time saying no to girl scout cookies! I avoid grocery stores like the plague when they are out selling them.
    I love budgeting and having money left!!

  4. I too have a tough time resisting the Girl Scout cookie…..don’t know if it is true for your area, but my nieces’ troops only see 50 cents from each box they sell (out of $4.00). Last weekend, I just gave each of them $2.50 to put in their respective troop treasuries….that was the same net profit for each of their troops as if I would have purchased 5 boxes from each of them. That is mind boggling. Now, having said that, I sure didn’t get the pleasure of eating Thin Mints out of that……BUT, if you really want to resist them, maybe that knowledge that the troops get very little money out of each box will be enough to help you walk away (If that’s the goal – I’m certainly by no means condemning anyone who buys a box of cookies!)

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