Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – I’m back, baby!


Seriously Shawn

Well, here we go again; another year to up your blogging game. Me? I finally own my own domain. I’m hoping to co-host some blog-hops this year and see where all I can go!

  • Here’s hoping we’re all over this general plague that has, well, plagued us since December. No more sickness, ok?
  • January is always a weird month. By the time you settle in, it’s over.
  • I resolved not to make resolutions this year so I have decided to just make headway on things. I don’t want to “set goals” but I do want to attempt new things, be calmer, try harder, and be more optimistic.
  • The other day, for just a very brief moment, I had this bright outlook on my future. Not to say I normally don’t but as a mom, I think I tend to just get into this stay focused on the little things frame of mind and not think outside the box. For just a second, I got a little hopeful about the Spring and reseeding my yard and maybe planting and some warm weather and free weekends. It was such a novel idea at the time; I can’t remember when happiness was just so apparent.
  • In pregnancy news… (Oh, you didn’t know? Read my blog. 🙂 ) I am a little over 9 weeks and here are some stats: morning sickness? Yes. A little. I puked in the car the other morning. Cravings? Just hamburgers as usual. If it’s carby or dairy, I want it. If it’s fruits, sweets, or vegetables, NO. But I have been trying to eat carrots. Aversions? Sadly, coffee. I just really don’t want it! Not totally exhausted but I have reached my limitations physically on some days. After a bunch of errands, I just have to go sit down. Doctor’s appointment next Thursday!
  • My calendar today asks, “What does it mean to believe in myself?” And my response was, “Calendar, it is way too early to be asking me such mind-blowing questions!”
  • One of the TAs dropped off a box of 6 glazed donuts for me and my boss; neither of us will eat more than one but oh, what a temptation!

Ok folks, that is all for today. I teach at 9:30 so I had better get in teacher mode. But first, something entirely NOT teacher mode:


6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – I’m back, baby!

  1. Wow, that is some non treachery stuff there 😉
    you guys are so much closer to spring than we are. Spring won’t really hit here until mid May. It seems so far away.

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy!! Of course I didn’t know because I am the WORST blog follower there is. My first thought was that you’ll have just enough room for the new baby’s picture on your header! In envy you your moment of hopeful happiness. And it’s rather perfect, as you have just decided to try to be more optimistic this year.

  3. I know what you mean. We’ve had colds that just seem to linger, and I feel like everyone I know has it, even people that live in different states! I think we’re finally getting over it, but man it was a doozy.
    Yayyy, congrats on your pregnancy!! 🙂 I’m 10 weeks ahead of ya. Bump buddies!

  4. Congratulations! When I was pregnant all I wanted was queso–I think I ate that stuff by the bucketful!

    That is so cool that you own your own domain. That may be something that I will pursue in the next year. I at least need to look into it.

  5. I had a full hysterectomy so i know I can’t have anymore children but I got a sudden aversion to coffee a few months ago, I can’t even walk by the Starbucks in the grocery store. It’s the strangest thing!

  6. I don’t make resolutions either. Last year I made a list of 52 things I’d like to accomplish in 52 weeks. Yeah, it was too much like resolutions and once again I failed. Blah, resolutions, who needs ’em?

    Pregnant! Congratulations! I do need to read your blog….

    Eye candy is super manly and rugged today, just how I like ’em!

    Thanks for linking up!

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