Friday Confessional



I confess… I am disgustingly excited for my new couch to arrive Saturday morning. Like, all out salivating and jumping for joy excited.

I confess… I am not happy; Ash is mad about our Fantasy football match-up this week. I kind of, well, am up by 61 points after only one game. He was just saying how he wasn’t going to take it as seriously but I can understand: he’s really competitive. So it’s not that he’s mad at ME, but he’s disgruntled by the situation. I hate feeling like this though.

I confess… I’m plotting how I can get out of here before 2 PM, which is when the Homecoming parade begins and will inevitably trap me in the lot I’m parked in. The drawbacks of working at a University.

I confess… I also have a ton of errands to run and things to buy that we’re entirely out of, like diapers.

I confess… I’m trying very hard not to focus on my race tomorrow. I feel like maybe if I just be calm and worry about other things, then I will be good tomorrow because it won’t be on thang, you know? Besides, I’m not scared by 13.1 anymore so it’s just another long run.

I confess… I am pretty happy about my parents coming. We haven’t seen them in a while; I think maybe we can even finish out the weekend without arguing!

I confess… maybe next weekend I am planning to get a hot stone massage. I’ll be done with running for a bit and I think I deserve it. I know I certainly need to relax!

Ok, y’all. Enjoy your weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. Good luck on getting out early today – and on your race tomorrow! Try not to take Ash’s disgruntled behaviour too seriously – I’m one of those super-competitive people and I’d probably be acting the same way if it were me, but I wouldn’t want anyone to feel upset because of it!
    Happy Friday 🙂

  2. Wow!!! You have a lot going on and fun things too. Good luck in the race and Woo Hoo for the new couch. How exciting! I hope you post about the stone therapy I would love to hear about it. Good luck leaving early, I hope you do not get trapped. And woo hoo for seeing the parents too. BTW… stopping by from High-Heeled Love.

  3. If you’re running, for anything other than saving your life from zombies or something, you definitely deserve a break/treat afterward! I say go for it. 🙂

  4. I hope that your race went well! And yes, you’ll definitely need a massage or a day trip to some spa when you are done! Well deserved

    -Heather – private, just use contact to gain access

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