Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – 24 hour Bug Defeated!


Seriously Shawn

Hey, it feels like Fall today; whaddya know?

  • So yeah, I was feeling crappy from about Sunday evening until Monday when I went to bed. Woke up today and feel pretty good.
  • When I left work around 11:15 yesterday, all I really wanted was a big hamburger. So I swung by Vertigo, forgetting that they’re closed on Mondays! Stupid local places with their weird rules. ANYWAY, if I feel up to it, I am going there today. Cheeseburger here I come.
  • Ash did, however, bring me some lunch: a bento box from Japanica. Yay! That was a ton of food so I pretty much took a nap all afternoon. Well, until I took a cold and sinus pill and forced myself into some kind of presentable state for Elliot’s parent/teacher conference. (He’s doing well; he just has to stop hitting kids when they annoy him!)
  • I am loving my Keurig. It took a bit to figure out which roasts taste best for the way I prefer my morning cup. I think anything flavored and lighter is good for evening doses of caffeine. 🙂
  • But back to food, I usually get the hungries one day after a long run. But I guess because of the sickness, it’s been delayed to today. Give me all the NOMS! Om nom nom.
  • And to end, let me ask you a question. A friend of mine is having a birthday party for her daughter on Saturday. Our kids go to the same school and hang out together on the playground. I have known this friend for a while; saw her not that long ago on a girls’ night out. Well, this friend invited one of our mutual friends to said party but has yet to invite us. How would you feel about this?

Man candy today includes a hot bearded dude and a sexy mechanic. Don’t get no betta.

8 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – 24 hour Bug Defeated!

  1. Yum yum on the man candy.
    As to the friend and the party, um, maybe call or something? I’m so not good with stuff like that.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better! I try to have absolutely no expectations when it comes to kids’ birthday parties (and wedding, etc. for that matter). It’s just impossible to invite everyone and make everyone happy, so you have to do what’s best for you. Maybe she’s having a particularly girly party and inviting girls only? Maybe she just has too much family so she can only invite a few friends. When Molly starts being affected by getting invited or not, I’ll be more involved. Until then, I take our invitations as they come and let that be that.

  3. i want a keurig but not because I’m a coffee drinker. They have a chai tea that is out of this world!! I want one just to drink that every now and then! HA!

    Thanks for linking up!! Have a great week!

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