Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Late on posting but still here

Man oh man, it’s cool out, you guys. My head is elsewhere and my blogging is behind but here I am!


Seriously Shawn

  • Yesterday, as I pulled through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, the guy taking my order called me “young lady.” Honestly dude? Once I got a look at him, I was most certainly at LEAST five years older. I don’t think he was trying to be complimentary; I think he just thought my voice sounded young. Gee, thanks?
  • Saturday night, everyone wanted spaghetti but me (I am burned out on that) so I made it all and got things cleaned up, then decided to go to Subway. There’s one right by my house so it’s super convenient. Well, I got there and for the second time in about 1.5 weeks, they were out of tuna. WTH? The girl told me her manager is just ordering less these days. Well, I chose to drive across town to the next closest store. When I got there, a portly guy in his, oh, mid to late twenties and his g/f were just going inside. The guy complimented my shirt (an old Avengers tee) and then proceeded to tell me I HAD to get the shredded cheese on my sub because it’s the best and “don’t argue with a fat man.” I joked with him but still got plain old American. The next customer who came in got the same treatment from him: a suggestion followed by “don’t argue with a fat man.” WEIRD.
  • I have the Texans defense in both fantasy leagues and props to J.J. Watt, who is a beast:
  • New season of Ink Master starts tonight; yay! I don’t watch a lot of shows but this is one I really love.
  • I made a new breakfast for the kids today; basically it’s eggs mixed with milk, cheese, salt and pepper, then put into a muffin pan with a layer of bacon on the bottom. Yummy! Though Isaac didn’t eat it.
  • Isaac is going through a “my tummy/leg/ear hurts” phase. I don’t actually think anything hurts but he likes to say so. But he isn’t saying it at school so I don’t believe it’s serious.
  • While we’re talking about football and, um, players, here’s your man candy for the week: Eric Decker (Denver) and Danny Amendola (St. Louis). Danny, get better soon buddy!

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Late on posting but still here

  1. Any time I get called ‘Young Lady’ over “Ma’am” always makes my day, no matter who it is saying it. Maybe that guy’s mom taught him well. 😉

    That guy telling people not to argue with a fat man… weird!

    Little Dude is going through that ‘everything hurts’ mode, too – sometimes I wonder if it’s growing pains, since he’s growing like a weed.

    Another amazing yummy man candy! 🙂

    Fall Finally Arrives with Hotel Transylvania, Body by Vi Challenge Accepted, Comic Moment, Banana Spider and Genius Birthday Card

  2. OH baby! Football eye candy!! HELLLLO Eric Decker!!

    I know how you feel about being called “young lady” – it’s like me having to wear the age of majority bracelet at the fair in order to get beer in the beer tent. I was like, “Um, I’m almost 30, this is embarrassing”… People kept telling me I should be happy about it, but I was not impressed!!

  3. When either boy complains of pains in legs, arms and such I give the standard answer–growing pains. It’s the answer I got when I had pains when I was growing up. It never seems to be long lasting.

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