Read, Reading, To Be Read

I have been out of the reading loop lately but I thought I’d share some stuff that I just finished, just started, and plan to read soon. Maybe you’ll want to read these too!

Finished Reading:

Chasing Bliss – Sophie Oak

Ok so most of her books are of the, um, menage genre but they’re still really good. This one was pretty darn awesome and I liked that there was a brief mention of good old Tallahassee. Yup yup.

Laid Open – Lauren Dane

I will read anything she has written! She has a command of relationships like hardly any other romance author out there. This was a special novella that explored a brief vacation that Erin, Ben and Todd took at a time when they perhaps shouldn’t have. I totally cried at one part and tweeted her as much. She seemed really happy to hear that when she replied. (I love that Twitter allows me to gush to my favorite authors. I remember reading Catcher in the Rye and wishing I could tell Salinger just how much it affected my life. Then of course I learned he was a recluse and I gave up that dream.)

Reading Now:

South Florida Winters – Richard Grayson.

I wanted some kind of historical account of Miami so I went a-seraching the Kindle books. I came across this and thought it was interesting. I spent the first 15 years of my life in the Southern region of Florida and this looks like it might interest me. Also, this guy’s name is Dick Grayson – the first Robin! (Batman geek, I KNOW.)

Theodore Roosevelt autobiography – Kindle edition, free book

I have always liked Teddy; he’s my favorite president. And for free, you can’t go wrong.

To Be Read:

Heart of Steel – Meljean Brook

I read her first book in this series, The Iron Duke, and LOVED it, though I didn’t think I would. It’s steampunk romance but very cool. I bought this a few weeks ago but can’t seem to start, though I know it’s going to be good. A professor I work with and I have very similar tastes and she said she finished it in a weekend!

Envy – J.R. Ward

I love the BDB series and her angels are ok, but not the same. HOWEVER, reviewers I trust liked this third installment in the Fallen Angels series over the first two, which I still liked just fine. Must Start This Book!

One thought on “Read, Reading, To Be Read

  1. I have so many books I need to read. This is why I think I need to start devoting sunday afternoons to reading. Make it a date and really do it–it will be good for me.

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