Weekend in a blur + MMMM

Wait, what? It’s Monday you say? Rubbish. How can it be? I already had two days off? Oh. Well then that’s how. OK.

::Deep breath:: Well, weekend was fine. Uneventful but productive in some ways. Ash and I saw End of Watch on Friday and it was… ok. Nothing special.  We also ate at Cracker Barrel so that was yummy.

Saturday morning I ran my long – almost 10 miles. Almost because about 1.5 miles from home, I stepped off a curb wrong and jacked up my knee. I took a shortcut, went home, and iced immediately. That seemed to help. Later that day I shopped with Ell for my Swapoween partner. We also picked up some things to fix a ceiling fan and to work on some other home projects. Spaghetti for dinner then the Clemson game, wherein FSU looked fierce. We really got mad when they smacked us down and came back to beat those Tigers. Sweet! Tallahassee is a much happier place when our football team wins.

Ash had to run Sunday so basically, I woke at about 7:15, made breakfast, then the boys and I went to Target and Publix then I had to get a turkey in the oven. We usually make a large meal on Sunday because it’s one of the few times I do and because one of our friends comes over for the Sunday games and we feed him. (Though I do believe he’s bringing pizza next week. Yay!) So yeah, I got an almost 8 pound turkey breast in the oven, started laundry, cleaned up, then made the rest of the meal and finally sat down to watch the games, though I am getting KILLED this week in fantasy. My opponent is having a dream week and most of my players were crap. Bad matchups I guess.

All in all, we did get stuff done this weekend, mostly fixing our living room fan,which was making this horrible clicking sound. Though, if the weather stays like this, we won’t need it for much longer anyway. I looked at the extended forecast and for the first of October, they predict our low will be 52. 52!! That’s going to be amazing. Oh! I know what else I did that made me happy: pulled out my Fall/Halloween decorations. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!



Today’s theme is songs from the birth year of your first child. Kind of sucks for me because Elliot was born in 2007 and I hate most new music, lol.Luckily, I found a top 100 list and some of these I remembered and did indeed like.

That song is sexy!

We danced to this song at a wedding right after Ell was born.

This song is super catchy!

7 thoughts on “Weekend in a blur + MMMM

  1. haha! I remember being at a Christmas party and one of the guys was teaching the hostess’s daughter a dance for that Soulja Boy song. Could that really have been in ’07?! Doesn’t seem that long ago! LOL!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww totally great line up and story & honesty. I like that. I totally agree with you. There are just sometimes nothing strikes you as HOT! Nothing that’s really going to move you & then ALRIGHT WE GET A FEW THAT TOUCH THAT ROCK&ROLL NERVE! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don’t know how I missed you were a runner. Nice job on the ten miles and nice save with the knee. I love almost anything my Sara Bareilles and Soulja Boy is just downright fun.

  4. I haven’t eaten at Cracker Barrel in a long time. We use to go often when we were first married, but the truth is we don’t eat out too much. Of this week’s song picks, I only recognize Sarah Bareillas’ Love Song, which I like. The other two, my preferred choice is Robin Thicke’s Lost Without You. Ouchy, sorry about the knee incident over the weekend. Is it doing better? I hope so! Well, have a fabulous week, my friend.

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