WWTK – What would you rather…

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{one} WYR…have your own private jet or your own private island?

Island! I don’t care that much about flying and the island would be way cooler. I’d love a place where I could just get away from everyone.

{two} WYR…be very good looking or very smart?

You know, that’s tough. I used to be “very smart” and only recently have I realized that I am of average intelligence (though I did get final Jeopardy last night when NONE of the SEMI-FINALISTS did…) It might be nice to be super pretty for a while. Just long enough to know what it’s like. But I would definitely rather be super smart. imagine what you could accomplish with an amazing mind… the possibilities are endless.
{three}WYR…have the ability to be invisible or the ability to fly?

Fly, hands down. While invisibility would be pretty cool for a little thrill, the flying thing – oh, how I have dreamed of it. I may not like planes but if I myself could take to the skies, I would be in heaven.
{four} WYR…have the ability to read minds or control the weather?

You know, Sookie has a hard go of the reading minds thing so I guess weather. But that’s a big responsibility. I would make it sunny when I felt like but be sure to send lots of rain to the Midwest when they’re in a drought!

(Storm, from Xmen.)

{five} WYR…be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

I’m going to go with take back stuff, even though it’s rare I regret something, when I do, it’s an awful feeling!

9 thoughts on “WWTK – What would you rather…

  1. That’s funny… in like 1st grade, some school official told my mother I was brilliant, off the charts intelligent. Now I’m just regular, and I have just a regular job. I think it was more a case of I just learned quickly, and then everyone else caught up to me!

    1. Yup! I was in Gifted and all that so all through high school, I felt like I was above everyone else in terms of smarts. i got to college and I had to STUDY! And then i accepted the fact that average is OK.

  2. I chose to have my own private island too 😀 Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to have a secluded place like that all to yourself? But if someone wanted to throw a jet in to the deal too, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it haha.
    Sometimes I get lucky on Jeopardy and get a few answers right, I love that show! I wouldn’t mind being super smart.
    Great answers!

  3. Absolutely agree with the private island!!! Then, the ability to fly would put me there nice and quick!! I went with the good looks, but but confessed being somewhere in between would probably be best – the best of both worlds!
    Great answers!

  4. We had some pretty similar answers!! I know what you mean about the flying – I’ve only been on a plane once, and while it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, it wasn’t my most favourite thing ever, either…I like the thought of being able to just fly on my own, no plane.

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