Future purchases

So, I make more money now, due to certain ventures I have cobbled together. This, coupled with the fact that Elliot’s aftercare costs is a fraction of his previous daycare cost, is going to allow me to a.) save money and b.) buy things for once! It’s a novel idea, I know. For years, I couldn’t justify personal purchases for fear of the guilt that would wrap itself around me. The extra money at the end of each paycheck was to be saved! For emergencies! (Which sometimes actually happened.) But anyway, here’s a list of stuff I intend to buy once September comes around:

Photojojo wide-angle cell phone lens!

Look at that! The inventions they come up with these days. And all just to make my Instagram photos look better. Totally worth it, btw.

A Keurig!

Thinking about getting one of the desktop versions without the water reservoir. I cannot decide which one might work best for me but I am totally sold on this, even though Ash asks why I don’t buy a normal coffee make rand make entire pots at a time. Why? Because then I’d never sleep!

New kitchen valences. I never changed the ones that the house came with and though I don’t mind them, it’s time for a change. And this can be done fairly cheap and still make a huge difference in the room.

Some kind of snazzy winter coat

Since we’re traveling up through the country towards Chicago for Christmas, I had better get a coat. I have layers and some thicker jackets but nothing that will keep out the wind and cold. The averages for December in Chicago are 35 and 23, respectively. That’s January here so I should be OK but I want to look fashionable too!


I am sure that are other things I will buy and maybe it seems silly to show these to you but I am looking forward to it.

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