Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – If the phone doesn’t ring it’s me


Seriously Shawn

Ok guys, get yer random on today and tell us what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back!

  • SO, I somehow bit the side of my tongue and, since I am prone to mouth sores anyway, it turned into this horrible affliction. I can barely swallow, eating is painful as hell, and the worst part is that it hurts too much to blow my nose. I have been miserable since Friday! See also: swallowing issues lead to ear pain and everything sucks right now.
  • Pile onto that pain the soreness on the top of my foot and I am just a mess today.
  • BUT, no more complaining. Because overall, I am in a pretty good mood. Today is my mom’s birthday (I ended up getting her this other version of the Magic Bullet [a brand named Bella] and it was just in time because she broke her 30 year old Cuisinart last week!) and the month of July is practically over, which means only one more month of less than stellar pay, and it also means one month closer to cooler weather. Because this heat and the HUMIDITY are seriously doing me in.
  • I’m STARVING this week. It most definitely has to do with training but seriously, I want to eat everything all the time. It’s insane. I mean, I caught myself looking at photos of food online. That’s bad!
  • A bunch of my close friends are now moving away because they got jobs. It’s not like I don’t know this is coming but it’s always a little depressing. Bye bye spur of the moment lunches.
  • I have been watching Olympics like whoa and I have decided that aside from swimming, the archery is coolest. Those guys are redic far from the target but still spot on. I also like how our team looks like a bunch of hillbillies from Tennessee, which totally makes sense! However, it’s too bad that USA isn’t really dominating this year. We’re just so-so on most things. I am looking forward to watching the marathon though.
  • In case you cared, Isaac is going through a particularly annoying phase of his early 2s right now: he is loud and obnoxious one moment then cuddly and sweet the next. Angel, meet demon. Now, get along.
  • Is it bad I am still daydreaming about the beach from a few weeks ago? I could go for another vaycay, honestly.

Today’s hottie is Leo Peixoto. He just seems like an average sort of guy, even though he’s built like a machine. Happy Tuesday indeed.

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – If the phone doesn’t ring it’s me

  1. Leo! Hot!

    I have bitten my tongue a time or two. Ouch! I hope that it, and your foot feel better soon.

    We probably won’t be hitting the beach until the end of September, when it won’t be so hot. I am already dreaming about it!

  2. O don’t even talk to me about food. I’m on day two of trying to avoid sugger and one of the summer students just put a piece of rubarb pie on my desk

  3. Leo, rowr!
    We have so been enjoying the Olympics this week. It’s fun to see more than the major sports just by channel hopping.

  4. Yummy Dude!!!! I read this earlier this am and was feeling pretty lazy. So I put on my big girl panties… literally… the ones that keep everything squished in… and went to the gym. 2.5 miles on the treadmill in 50 minutes and 2 laps in the pool. Pretty good for a couch potato.

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