Low key weekend + MMMM

Well, our weekend was fairly uneventful, but in a good way. I went to a spa party Friday night; the newest thing in GNOs, they try to sell you expensive-ass beauty care products, while letting you try them and also, getting hand massages. It was pretty fun but I didn’t buy much; just a body scrub. On Saturday, I ran early then took Ell to swim lessons. In the afternoon and evening, we mostly napped and watched Olympics. It’s hard not to get totally engrossed; it’s one of the few times I really feel patriotic.

Sunday, I got up early to run but it was AWFUL. Not only was I not feeling it energy-wise but about 5 miles in, I hurt my foot. It’s a pain I have had before but it had waned. Not this time. I had to make the executive decision to stop with 2.5 miles to go and call Ash to pick me up. The girl working at Circle K was so nice and let me use the store’s phone. She was also only 20 and super chatty but I am thankful for kindness, especially when injured. I tried to stay off my foot as much as possible and thankfully, today’s a rest day. Also, I believe this week is identical to last week so I can give that nine miler one more try. It’s a little disappointing but I am trying not to dwell on it and move forward.



Music Monday’s them is funny songs today and I am going a different route and picking ones that are not traditionally funny (like Weird Al, etc.) but nonetheless, these have amusing/funny lyrics. (Some F-bombs in the second one.)

Sifl and Olly – a comedy show on Mtv a long time ago. SO random.

Lagwagon – Wait

The Ataris – I won’t spend another night alone. The last stanza slays me

4 thoughts on “Low key weekend + MMMM

  1. Queit weekend here too with almost Olympic overload. Although they are showing different stuff if you switch around on the channels show events. We saw all kinds of different stuff by channel hopping yesterday.

  2. What a bummer you hurt yourself while out running! I hope you’re better today. Keep off your sore foot as much as possible, if you can. What a spectacular way to begin a new week with lots of smiles & laughs! Thanks for adding to our fun with your song picks. Have a delightful musical week, and we’ll see you again next Monday! ^.^

  3. Whoa these are really different! Where did you find these LOL!!! Never heard them before. Sorry I missed you. That’s what I get for trying to clean house and ROCK & ROLL LOL BUT I always check the next day for my buddies! Have a rockin’ week!

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